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Triumph TR6 - Speaker Box Design Q

Future Shop has 6 1/2" round 2-way Pioneer speakers on sale this week for $49.99 so I grabbed a pair but I need speaker boxes for the rear shelf since our little cars have no easy-to-use location in back.

Anyone built speaker boxes before? There are dozens of websites on speaker box design but nothing jumped out at me as offering simple and reliable options. Any suggestions before I just guess at the appropriate size and build 'em.


I guess I could take a tape measure to a store that sells speaker boxes and cheat.
Ken Shaddock

Follow-up... forgot the 5 minute rule

I'll check with Pioneer Canada and see if they'll give me the formula or best size and design for the ones I bought. Duh.
Ken Shaddock

I bought a pair of boxes designed for that size of speaker. Unfortunately I do not think you have a store up your way that sells mostly speakers and boxes:) Maybe you could find some in Orillia or Barrie. Try the Source.

No worth trying to build. I only paid ( I think) $15 each.

Rick Crawford

Thanks Rick... your picture gives me an idea. We do have The Source in Orillia as well as the usual stereo stores including Future Shop but since I'm retired and enjoy woodworking I don't mind building a couple this afternoon. Not a bad passtime on a cloudy day. It occured to me later that the box dimensions can't be that important since folks like Future Shop whip these things into door panels, package trays, wherever they can find a cavity. If I were building a subwoofer - different story - that requires some planning.
Ken Shaddock

On the advice of whiz kids I built speaker boxes to house my $50 6 1/2 inch round Pioneers and I also modified the tranny panels up front to handle a pair of 4" Kenwoods. The Alpine head/deck went in today and the system sounds great.

Don't let folks talk you into expensive speakers when within the space we have to work with the sound can be great with the run-of-the-mill. Diana Krall was featured tonight... awesome light jazz.

Ken Shaddock

Doug Baker

Ken, my car has really crappy speakers in the under dash side panels. I thought about changing them but decided not to as I want to put in Mazda Miata seats, if I can find a pair. Any one know if the built in speakers they have are any good?

rw loftus

db... pictures? Of Diana Krall?

Here's a few to follow. I made the speaker boxes from 3/4" plywood. They measure 8" by 8" from an end view and 11 1/2" wide or long from a top view. They have yet to be wrapped in carpet or some other material to dress them up a bit. They are about as big as will fit back there (bigger is better for sound from these 6 1/2" 2-way Pioneers) so one can go slightly smaller on the box.

The holes in the front panels suited a 5 1/4" speaker but I got the 4" 2-way Kenwoods for a case of beer so I made insets to make the opening smaller. I don't have speaker grills for them as yet.

So for $50 and some beer I have speakers that sound great on a slow cruise or when the car is parked. The radio came with a remote so the car can be used for garage parties. Yahoo! Top down on the highway... not so good. These speakers come up short cranked too loud so with the wind and exhaust noise you need to sing along so your wife can hear the song! Ya right.


Ken Shaddock

More pics...
Ken Shaddock

Rear speaker boxes...

Ken Shaddock


Ken Shaddock

Rob... gave some thought to Miata seats for my car but for additional leg room reasons. It is said they allow more... a thinner seatback maybe? However, I do not know about their speakers. I cannot imagine they would be junk. Mazda makes a good car and the sound system would have had to be acceptable for top down driving in the Miata model.
Ken Shaddock

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