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Triumph TR6 - Speaker location?

Hi All,
I am enjoying driving the TR this spring (didn,t last spring and summer as it was in shop)

I am about to purchase a stero and speaker system. Question is where is the best place to install small front highs. Or in other words, did they come with them and where were they?


Hey Marcello , Put the money towards a set of weber carbs you will get a better noise than what comes out of the sound system!
Clive P

My carbs sound just fine with out the extreme thirst of the Webbers.

OK just joking, but the hi tech thing that was of the decade was 8 track stereo! I think that is why Triumph put the rack on the boot lid to carry all the tapes!
Clive P

Perhaps yes,.....or the extra girlfriends.

Strap-em to the back, I like your style!
Clive P

I think that might be the real reason for bad frames in these cars....

I think it may be the reason for many years of bad back problem!
Clive P

Take a page out of the "Tuner Handbook" and shave your antena for that sleek look.

Then invest in an MP3 player with headphones. The headphones are a requirement when running headers and loud exhausts.

John Parfitt


I have heard of people mounting small speakers in place of the dashboard vents. I have considered this or surface mount tweeters firing up into the windscreen to get some 'surround' effect.

It's a challenge to get good audio from the front of the TR. Right now I'm still making do with just the two good 6x9's in an enclosure I built in place of the panel that covers the gas tank.

EC Smith

I just put a CD player in my Six. There were two holes already cut in the rear pannel near the bottom corners so I put mine there. The originals go into the "kidney pannels" that go on the sides of the dashboard support.

Ohhh so thats where,....the kidney sides. Well my installer agree's with EC Smith, the dash round vents (I never use the vents for heat since it never see's the winter) they are perfect location and size for true sound. But having said that I will go with a MP3 deck with a optional headphone jack for those loud HWY journeys.

Funny thing:
I buddy (who's a cop) told me 8 tracks a good deterent for thieves, and the large tape opening is great to stash your wallet in,who will find it,want it, take it, ??...

any comments.

By the way,
That would explain why I didn't know they came in the kidney sides as I don't have them in my car. Anyone have a set the want to let go?

You'd be pretty hard pressed to get heat outta those dash vents anyway!! :)
Chris Wiebe

Nice one Chris.Marcello is not quite sure on the inner workings of the heater. the cowling vent blows through those.

I have an earlier version of the Kicker Full-Ranger Box Speakers sitting on the back ledge behind the seats.
P Johnston

Marcello there are usually some on ebay fairly inexpensive ($20-30). I have both and would be glad to send you my originals that don't have the holes in them. When I bought my 6 several years back it had both and I just installed 4" Rockford Fosgates that fit perfectly.
Bill Kinney

Fresh air vents,.....??....ok I need to spend a lot more time with this car.

Bill i checked Ebay for kidney sides and came up empty. Why do yours not have cut outs for speakers if they are original? I was just told thats where they were placed (scroll up)

How much would you like for yours?

In 72 the kidney panels did not have speaker holes, the AMFM dealer installed radio had a single speaker under the glove box at the firewall, in a hefty bracket. During a restoration, I made new kidney panels with speakers built in, which has worked fine. I'd like to have two more. Am thinking about inserting a very small speaker in each door panel. Has anyone done this?


Walter Dobbins

Kidney panels are easy to make. I was missing one. Just cut out some hardboard, a layer of thin foam, and some black leatherette from the local fabric store. I can't tell the original from the new.

Doug Campbell

I put 6"x9" triaxials in boxes on the rear "deck" below the top, and have a powered 6" sub in the trunk.

For the front I used 3" 4 ohm "sealed" midranges. Just stuck them to the sheet metal in the top of the foot wells firing down. The magnet holds them. Out of sight, and loud enough to provide ambience. I may make a support to angle them to fire more towards the back for more sound.

Brent B

As Doug said they are easy to make, I have my original one you can use for a template as I recall your in Mississauga ?. It'll give us an excuse to get together for a cold one haha. I made new ones and installed good 4" speakers in them and good 6 x 9 in boxes on the rear shelf and I can listen to tunes cruising on the 401 with the top down.
Charlie B.

North Brampton is where I call home. You are welcome anytime. I do often pas right by your neck of the woods, at least once a week.

Marcello, I have done exactly what Brent B. suggested,
stick'em to the top of the foot well, then another pair behind the seats and another pair in the headrest.
Great sound!
Christopher Trace

I have built a contoured box to fit the parcel shelf behind the seats using MVF. Its shapes to the wheel wells and seat belt retracters. The 6 x 9 speakers now have a solid foundation to drive from, thats why the MVF since most speaker boxes use this type of material. Speakers not mounted in a solid "box" lose alot of sound quality to the surrounding air spaces.

I even fashioned a small flip up door on the front of the "box" as a little storage cubby hole and the whole thing is covered in original carpeting to blend in.


Bob Craske

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