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Triumph TR6 - Speakers location in TR6 Cockpit

Has anyone out there figured out the best or most effective spearkers configuration type/size/quantity in the TR6 cockpit.
Where were the original speakers installed in the car when out of the factory. I have two fairly big speakers behing the seats, the sound is almost lost. I really do not want to change nor modify the originality of the cockpit.
Thank you for your help and interest !
L. Towel

Speakers in TR6 were located in the "kidney pads" located either side of the center console. They can be viewed and purchased from the Moss Motors and The Roadster Factory websites. These vinyl covered boards give a nice finished look to the interior. Why not join this forum - no fees and great info!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

L, a good start are your "fairly big speakers behind the seats". Are you feeding them enough watts of power? If you are running an original (read:low output) triumph type radio then that's likely the problem. These days a reciever/cd player has much more power than 20 years ago...True, comming out of the rear will muffle the sound some for any system because once the sound exits the speaker it slams into the back of the seats but if you are driving the speakers with enough power this can feel great and be quite speed.

c.a.e. emenhiser

I do have the kidney pads as you suggest, I will set up speakers in there and see how it goes.

Thanks for the info !
How do I join ?

L. Towel

My favorite twin speakers exit out the left rear of my car.....the sound is so sweat!
As far as joining read current thread "It's a boy! err.. a girl! Cigars anyone?"

PS no not bother with the kidney speakers (sorry Bob). They are a total waist of time. Put some good 5x6 in a good pair of boxes and get a good powerful system. No need for an amp. I find I spend most of my time wanting to listen to the rear most speakers.
Rick Crawford

has anyone tried 5 inch speakers mounted in the door panels?

Bob Craske

As the producer of Top Down Six Vol 1 Les must have a good system in his. How 'bout it Les? What do you have?
K. T. Shaddock

I am not sure if possible. Would not the speakers interfere with the window as you wind it down?
Rick Crawford

You guys and your tunes. At 80 MPH the sound of the TRactor motor is all I need.

Ok guys,I'm ready for the attacks!

"has anyone tried 5 inch speakers mounted in the door panels?"

"Would not the speakers interfere with the window as you wind it down?"

The window winding mechansim does indeed interfere. At full up and full down, there is plenty of room, but on the way up and on the way down, one of the metal bars swings right past where the speaker would go.
Dan Masters

I have 4 speakers in mine. (2) 3 way speakers that I attached to a board and place behind the seats. The speakers are just far enougn apart to allow sound through the 2 speakers. These housings are 5 inch wide and 11 inches long. I have 2 sets of speakers sitting on the floor tucked in beside the transmission cover just where it attaches to the drive shaft tunnel. These speakers are 4 by 6 and I have secured them to the seat rails. The sound is great at spe3ed less than 55 mph. Once I get up to 60 I have to turn up the sound and wind noise interferes.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk


I must confess I never bothered to hook up my radio as the DPO had cut a bloody great hole out of the center console, which was an empty, gaping hole when I got the TR. I went to the salvage yard and got a cassette/radio that fit the hole and stuck it in there. Finished looking dash! Never used the radio much in my TR4A either; like Don, I like the sound of the exhaust better. However, Les I do listen to the Top Down Six CD at home and in my Malibu - no exhaust note in a Malibu!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

Mine has two crappy Radio Shack speakers in their crappy Radio Shack housings that are screwed to the "package" area behind the seats. Definately 70's era speakers. I have a BL AM/FM mono radio powering both speakers. As you probably guessed I don't use it much. Looks like the 70's though.

HP Henry Patterson

Help is close at hand guys... just ask any young lad in a black Honda Civic Coupe how he gets it to vibrate off the ground at a stoplight. My son-in-law had one BEFORE he married my daughter. The car and the BOOM were gone shortly after the ceremony. ;)

K. T. Shaddock

I ended up with an amplified "sub" in the trunk, 2 6"X9" coaxial's in boxes on the rear deck, and 4" sealed back midranges in the front. By front - the speakers are attached to the sheet metal in the roof of the foot wells. No enclosure is required for the sealed back so they're just stuck to the metal by the magnet and a bit of RTV. They fire down to the floor and mainly provide "ambience". The sound would be better if angled back to fire more towards the seats, but I haven't pursued that yet.

Brent B

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