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Triumph TR6 - Speed bleeders...what size?

Hi - I've got a '74 TR6, and read posts by Don Kelly that he had tried speed bleeders on his TR6. I haven't been able to contact him, so I'm wondering if anybody else has used these, and if so, what size these cars take? Thanks, John
J Marciniec

John- It's been a couple of years since I've seen mine . Let me look at it and let you know. They came in different sizes?? It has been a long time.

Thanks, Don. I'll look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps the most important thing I'd need to know is what the thread info. is. Thanks again, John
J Marciniec


What is a speed bleeder..


J. G. Catford

A speed bleeder ( is a brake bleed screw with a built-in check valve. Pretty neat concept. Kind of makes one-man bleeding straightforward! John
J Marciniec

I am glad that somebody asked what a speed bleeder was, because literally, I could not figure out why anybody would want to bleed speed???

So, now that I cluing in, I got a "speed bleeder" from my local autoshop, and it came with some clear tubing that is about 0.25" inside diameter, and this seemed to fit snugly over the little nipples on the clutch and brake bleed valves.

This thing is amazing. I have used this thing to test my EGR too. It blows, sucks, dices tomatoes, etc. Mine was made by Innova Electronics (, but the mityvac on moss is pretty much the same thing.

Ignatius Rigor

Sounds like your significant other could get some mileage out of that device as well....
John Parfitt

Ya, as Rick C. may say, this thing is just for the misTRess.

I just realized that I skipped a step in my thought process on my last post. I like the thought of the "speed bleeder", but found that using a mityvac worked pretty well, i.e. I just hooked it up, opened the bleed valve, then sucked away.

Ignatius Rigor

I have a medical suction pump I use suck out the lines. Sucks it into a disposable plastic container. I once sucked something into it and left in it for some time and when I came back the container had melted into a puddle. It peeled up off the floor in a nice sheet. I almost kept it as a portable oil slick to make the car look more natural.

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