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Triumph TR6 - speedometer

I have just put 72 TR6 CC80XX with O/D on the road. The speedo no. is sn6409/08A. It reads fast and is erratic. Also both the recording odometers quit working. Is this the correct speedo for the car. I was not able to match the no. with the Rimmer or TRF books. I plan to send to Palo Alto instrument for repair. Thanks, Cheers, Rex
Rex LaBrie

Rex-That is the same speedo. # that is in my 71. The odometer problem is probably from stripped teeth on the plastic gears or the pawl has fallen out of place that moves the numbers. The high reading of the speedo usually involves the tension of the "clock spring" that weakens with age. Eratic needle movement could be from a dry or kinked cable. I was very impressed with Palo Altos' work, not cheap, but high quality, plus they have been around longer than out cars. Here is a site that has some info on Smith-Jaeger instrumentsthat you might find interesting-
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