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Triumph TR6 - Spin-on Oil Filter Adapter


I just installed a TRF spin-on oil filter adapter on my '73 and can't seem to position it without interfering with the clutch hose to the slave cylinder. Anyone else have this problem? I have it angled slightly forward and the filter(also from TRF) is touching the hose...don't want to heat up the clutch fluid!

Mike Calhoun

I just checked mine and my filter does not touch my clutch hose. The hose is between the filter and the oil pan and is closer to the oil pan. I don't know what kind of oil filter TRF ships but I use a Fram PH3600 which is a faily narrow body filter. It's the same circumference as the filter adapter. Is yours a wide body filter that is larger than the adapters circumference? If it's a narrow body or otherwise I would think you should be able to reposition the clutch hose. You may have to bend the metal clutch tube a bit to do so.

Good luck.
HP Henry Patterson


Yep! My filter is as wide as the adapter...thanks for the info on the Fram...I'll use those going forward. I took your advice and looked to see if I could bend the clutch metal tubing...and there was the problem...the PO had installed a rocker oil feed kit and had bent the clutch pipe out of his way! I'm in the clear now, but will use the Fram 3600 on my next oil change. The mind is a terrible thing....

Thanks a bunch,

Mike Calhoun

OT here but; I got one years ago from British Parts Northwest which I'm sure is the same as from TRF. When I put it on and started the car I had oil everywhere. Pulled it off checked it put it back on, had oil everywhere. Pulled it off and checked it again put it back on, oil everywhere. I was feeling like I was in a Three Stugges skit. Finally when I had it off for the FOURTH time I noticed a small casting defect in the lower side. I circled the hole and sent it back to BPNW. They sent me back a new one with a couple of bucks for the shipping and never had a problem again.

This thread was discussed between 18/06/2005 and 20/06/2005

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