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Triumph TR6 - Spring 2004 Mods to my TR6

Well I'm eagerly awaiting my packages to arrive which contain lots of goodies for the TR6. They are as follows:

-Spax front shocks
-Rear tube shock conversion kit with Spax shocks (uses special brackets which mount where the old lever-arm shocks used to)
-Falcon stainless steel sports exhaust system from Moss
-Set of original Minilite wheels (15X6)
-Four new Dunlop SP40s for the original steel rims

I still need to pick out some tires for the Minilites. Will have to give a look for those. Additionally, I have a Kenlowe fan sitting on the shelf which I ordered last fall, that will go on too.

Aaron Greenberg
owner- MB Classic, LLC
Service and Restoration for Vintage Mercedes-Benz Automobiles
'67 MGB-GT
'76 TR6

Hey, Aaron. You didn't mention a thing about bushings. If you just picked up the car and have no history on it, all those revisions won't mean much if the front/rear suspension has loose bushings. That could really be your next big job.

Brent B

And poly for the steering rack....
John Parfitt

Brent brings up a great point. It wasn't until I replaced the trailing arm bushings and diff mounts in the rear and the front suspension bushings did I realize the tight handling this car is capable of. Strongly urge you to upgrade those areas in conjunction with your other mods.

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

I used to have poly bushes on the diff mounts but after going over a pot hole in the road my diff came away from the chassis (nasty to repair) I replaced the poly bushes after repairs to chassis with new rubber ones and hopfully the problem wont happen again, I think the poly bushes are to hard in this area. Our UK roads are in a discracfull state of repair, All the best BAZZ.
b Wallbank

Yea, upgraded rubber for the diff mounts is as far as you want to go to modernize that area.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Ha! Thanks for reminding me guys. I got prothane poly bushing kits for the front a-arms and for the rear trailing arms too. Forgot to mention those on my original post.


This thread was discussed between 24/02/2004 and 25/02/2004

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