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Triumph TR6 - spring/shock poll

Just a quick poll. What springs are you using:standard,uprated or competition,and what shocks: standard,heavy duty ortube shocks?


I'm using the slightly uprated springs, with normal shocks (KYB) at the front and shock conversion (tubes KYB) at the back.

The tube shock conversion at the back is the best, road handling improvement I've made.

Eric de Lange

Slightly uprated standard length springs with Spax all round and polly bushes.
R. Algie


Identical to R Algie above, but with rear anti-sway bar installed.



Standard springs, poly everywhere, Koni's x4 medium setting, uprated Front anti-sway bar - my wife still reckons she needs a sports bra to come out it with me!
Roger H

Uprated lowering springs, spax adjustable on front; regular armstrong on rear. Rear anti roll bar and poli too. Feels sooooooo good.....on smooth roads!

I have the 33-year old Armstrong "shocks" on the front; solid as a rock! (at least that's how I found them). Standard springs all round, with the aluminum spacer seats on the rears. Oh yea, stock levers on the rear.

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

Up rated springs all around, tube shock conversion on the rear, KYB's all around, Addco uprated front and rear sway bars, poly all around. It's good but would like to change
to Koni's all around. Make them soft for the long drives with my wife then stiffen them up for a bit of rally.
Christopher T.

Uprated springs all around (about 25% stiffer and a bit lower than stock), Koni's up front and HD Apple levers in the rear, poly bushings everywhere, Richard Good sway bars front and rear. It's a bit to low right now and I could use some decent tires, but it does pretty well in and autoX!
Tim Brand

Competition GP's springs all around. Koni's in front adjusted medium high, uprated Armstrongs in the back, Apple Parts. All bushings polyurethane except rear trailing arm (nylatron). Uprated Addco front & rear AS bars. All AS links have 3 poly bushes & 1 rubber for some give.
Trailing arm brackets adjusted (flipped & swapped) to get rid of excessive neg camber, but needed the 3/8" spacers with the springs. Handles very well!
Brent B

- Richard Goodparts springs all around. 1" lower and 25% stiffer than stock.

- Koni's all around set to medium.

- Poly Bushings all around

- Goodparts trailing arm brackets

- stock swaybars.

If I had it to do over again I'd lower it the inch but not with stiffer springs. I find when I use the car on a daily basis in real world driving conditions on rough city roads the ride is exremely harsh. Handles well though.

I tried a 7/8 swabar in combination with a "Turn Six" rear bar and found the oversteer to be bordering on hazardous to one's health. The stock setup performs well with the car lowered there is hardly any perceptible body roll.

It is too bad no one produces a "progressive spring" for the TR6. My other sports car has progressive springs from the factory that provide a soft ride for the first small increment of movement and then as the energy builds in the suspension, the spring gets stiffer. With the Goodparts springs, or for that matter any stiff TR6 spring, the ride is just hard all the time.

John Parfitt
Bragg Creek
73 5-Speed.

John Parfitt

Uprated springs
Spax adjustable dampers
Addco anti-roll bar
Aluminum (think TR4)steering rack mounts
All urethane bushings
Four piston calipers with vented front rotors

Uprated springs
GoodParts adjustable trailing arm brackets
Mix of Urethane and Nylatron rear bushings
Finned aluminum rear drums
.875" bore rear wheel cylinders
GoodParts Nissan 300ZX differential
RevingtonTR high mount adjustable rear anti-roll bar
RevingtonTR tube shock "coilover" conversion (not an adjustable spring perch coilover), dampers are AXO adjustable with spherical bearings. Go to URL for example pics:

If you can find them, the rear springs from an early 70s Datsun/Nissan 510 wagon will fit a TR6 and are progressive springs.


John-A number of years ago, I bought some uprated rear springs from Moss that were blue and were advertised as being progressive. I am not sure if they are the same springs currently available.
My car? Mostly poly bushes, stock springs and Koni shocks on the front, and Moss uprated springs and new lever shocks on the rear.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Tube shock conversion with KYB shocks in the rear with all new stock rubber diff mounts. Noticeable difference in firmness & stability. New stock bushes in front - squeaky & don't like them. I have all the new front suspension kit & poly bushes in the box for a winter project. Thinking about the stiffer springs all around. Can any body provide a part number for the front KYB shocks? I can't find a listing and am not ready to invest in Spax or Konis.

Bob Evans

To respond to your query and the poll: I bought the rear tube KYB conversion and then front KYBs from British Parts Northwest.
Leighton told me they have a shock cut down for use on the front of the TR6. Might explain not being able to find one....
Rod Nichols

slightly lower stiffer springs ,
Gaz adustables all round ,
Poly bushes
Good parts Trailing arm brackets
Works well
s marshall

Stock all around, with NOS Armstrong tubes in front and levers in rear. Only change was to poly rack mounts and bushes throughout.
Jim Vandenberg

This thread was discussed between 05/10/2005 and 09/10/2005

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