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Triumph TR6 - Springs

I recently rebuilt front and rear suspension and may have inadvertently installed original front springs on the rear and rear on the front. Is there an easy way to identify the differences between the springs visually while on the car?
d smolko

Thought they where different diameter. IE... the rear where smaller across. Been awhile though

Don, I'm unsure rear springs are yellow so it's hard to mix'em up.
JT White

I seem to recall that the rear spring was a larger diameter than the front spring but I wouldn't stake my life on it. I also believe the rear spring was squatter (shorter) than the front thus it would have less turns. Maybe check that.

I would check the diameter of the spring and the diameter of the steel that makes the spring. I don't know if the front and back are different but this might shed some light as well.

My memory is dim. Good luck
Michael Petryschuk

Michael, thought it was the opp. Fronts got all the poundage

This thread was discussed between 24/07/2010 and 25/07/2010

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