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Triumph TR6 - Squeeling rear end

Hi again listers! I must say that this is really a great place, one of the best TR6 sources on the internet in my opinion. (and thanks Rick O. for your quick reply re. the oil cooler!)

Now to the problem I have been wondering about for some time. This dreaded squeeling sound from the cars rear end! I just cant figure out what it is and exactly where it is coming from. This being the case, I have no way of knowing if this is just plain annoying or if it is something to be worried abaot too..

It is a squeeling sound from the rear end. I hear it when the drive train is under "medium load" -> when make a normal/careful start from standing still, and when cruising. It is not there under acceleration or when i let off the pedal.

I have only rubber bushings in the rear end, the hubs are new (and checked a zillion times, allthough it is not a typical "hub-sound"). Diff bushings are ok (not new though), and the diff mountings are fine (but not reinforced).

I am suspecting the diff mountings/bushings or rear shocks (-mountings?, they are new spax shocks, not mounted to the sheet metal), but i just cant make the sound while the car is standig still, and diagnosing the sound is difficult with car moving.....

Any ideas would be much appreciated!


We are going to need at lot more help with this one.

"Squealing noise"; could it be a rotational type noise varying in pitch at the source rotates? Is a high-pitched noise like finger nails on a chalkboard? Metal-on-metal? Your statement that the noise is heard when starting from a stop but not under acceleration conflict with esch other.

You also mention new shocks, was the noise there before changing the shocks? Can you pin the noise down better by having someone ride with you to listen while you drive (or they drive you listen)? Make a few passes by a stationary observer, what do they hear? Walk beside the car while it is moving and try to determine the source.

Back to the shocks. Were these just installed? What size wheels are you using? The way you have described the noise: "while crusing and medium acceleration, yet not under hard acceleration or decel". Almost sounds like the new shock mount is rubbing on the inside of the wheel with the car in a near static condition and when the attitude changes due to acceleration or braking the parts separate a bit. Just a guess.

Sorry to ramble, just thinking out loud.


I'll be more than happy to help you all the best I can!!

The noise: think birdcage behind your back while driving.. Its not nails on chalkboard, but maybe metal-on metal. Actually its what i imagine polybushes might sound like at itse worts (but i dont know what squeeling bushes sound like...). I just makes you desperate to lube something, if you just new what... I dont think it is varying with speed or a "rotating noise", there is some variation, but my guess is that it comes from the speed at wich the suspension is working.

It seems clear that the noise is depending upon the load on the drivetrain. Careful start or cruising -> noise (usually). Hard start or acceleration -> no noise (or i cant hear it..? I think i could.) deaccelerating -> no noise.

We did try to localise the sound with my mechanic (not TR6 guru, but hes a MGB-enthusiast), driving, listening, walking beside the car. Clueless, exept that its from the rear-end...

The rear shocks went in during last winter, I did not notice the sound immidiately after that, i think it has sort of developed during this summer. My wheels are 205/75-15 and has "allways" been.

Good point about shock-mounts / wheel, i'll have to check!


I had a "chirping" squeak years ago that was ultimately traced to a cracked diff mount. It could only be heard when cruising at fairly low speed. You might be able to see/feel a crack without dropping the diff if you check carefully.

Brent B

Have you looked at your Universal joints? There are six of them in the drive train so there is a high probablity of at least one of them going bad. They do sound like birds when they go bad. Or is it when birds go bad they sound like u-joints?

This thread was discussed on 10/10/2005

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