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Triumph TR6 - stalling while turning

My car runs great,but when it heats up it tries to die when I take a turn.It feels like it is running out of gas.I installed a new fuel pump last summer.I heard this is a problem with some stromburg carbs.Thanks for any advice,Erik '72 TR-6

Is it any turn, or a left hand turn? If it's a left hand turn I've heard that removing the carb and adjusting the float height to 3/4" will help. This runs the fuel chamber at a slightly lower level so it won't be as prone to "momentary flooding".
Brent B

Thanks for the response,it happens on left or right turns,the car does not run hot,never had any problems until last week.(this prob anyway)

The "suddeness" of the problem doesn't sound like the float adjustment.

The only problem I've had even close to what you describe was related to a carb fuel needle valve that wouldn't close off completely (a metal shaving was in it). Symptoms:

No problems at crusing speed.
Bad missing and sputtering when accelerating into a turn after 10-15 seconds at idle. Left hand MUCH worse than right.
If it idled longer than about 15 or 20 seconds, it would cough, sputter, and would die unless rev'ed up.
Strong gasoline smell when the engine was shut down after 15/20 seconds of idle.

I ended up with Grose Jets instead of std needle valves.

Brent B

Thanks for the comment,the symptoms you describe are real close to my problem,but I have new grose jets I put in last year.Maybe its dirt,but I also have a new fuel filter.

I just received a pair of used su hs6 carbs today that I bought on ebay,hopefully they will work better and are a little more reliable.Thanks as usual,Erik '72 tr-6

This thread was discussed between 06/07/2003 and 19/07/2003

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