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Triumph TR6 - Starting and Idle Issues

Let me start by describing the patience condition:
*1600 miles on professional engine rebuild
*Dizzy rebuilt 200 mile ago by Advanced Distributors
*Timming at 12deg
*new points, plug, rotor and rotor cap
*Do not know if the carbs were ever rebuilt, they look in good shape
*Do not know if fuel pump was rebuilt, it dosen't look so
* overall the engine runs very smooth and strong

Everytime I start the engine it acts as if I ran out of gas and have to spin it over enough to get the gas to the carbs, then it starts after coughing a few times. If the car is warmed up and only sits for 30 minutes or less it starts reasonably well, the longer it sits the more turns it takes to start.

When I take my foot off the gas and move to the clutch the idle dives to about 4-500 rpms, about to stall,(occassionally dose untill the car warms up) then slowly recovers back to a nice smooth 850 rpms.

I'm thinking Carb problems, maybe Temperature Compensator or fuel pump anti back siphon valve.
Any ideas?
L Caya

Check the diaphragms in the carbs...all gasketed connection at the carb bases and intake plus all vacuum line connections, check the dash pot oil level and type.
JT White

See my sure fire solution under Ian's recent post. But if it doesn't work I agree with JT as the first step.
Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 25/05/2011 and 27/05/2011

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