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Triumph TR6 - Steering-gear


small problem

how should i grease the steering-rack housing ?
a/ with what ?
- Castrol LM : to thick ?
- Oil : to thin ?
- Graphite-grease ?
- Copper-grease ?

b/ how ?

removal of cap, temporary replacement with grease-nipple ?(as Haynes suggests)

c/ why and for what is their 2 black wires on the cap ?

Now, my preference is graphite-grease, but how do I get it in (small grease-gun ?)

your comments appreciated,


Hi Frank,
Yes you remove that cap and install a grease nipple, The Bentley book recommends no more than 5 strokes of grease, I just used regular gear's the same type as for bearings etc. Remove the nipple and replace the cap when finished. The wires are bonding straps to help maintain grounding throughout the suspension.
Charlie Ballard


Thanks, yes I suspected that the wires where ground, being black,



This thread was discussed on 26/08/2004

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