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Triumph TR6 - Steering wheel free play

Hey, In my 72 after doing some rebuild to the front suspension this winter has some play in the wheel slightly less than 1/4 turn at all angles. I did replace the tie rod ends and have set the alignment to be dead even (ie. no toe in or out)is there something else I should look for or is this just an idiosyncracy that I didn't remember from before.
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The alignment should be set with some toe-in - about 1/16" overall. Beyond that, a 1/4 turn is alot of free play - mine has essentially none. It could be the pinion (not sure if it's adjustable), the "universal" coupling on the steering shaft (wiggle the wheel and watch it for slack), or the rack bushes are loose (again, wiggle the wheel and see if the rack moves. It shouldn't).
Brent B

My wheel had a lot of play. Turned out to be loose rack bushes. The play was the rack being pushed from side to side, and not always at the same time. Quite scary in the middle of a turn when tha rack moves! I replaced the bushes with solid mounts. A world of difference! Almost zero free play. Suddenly I'm driving a sports car again.
C Wiebe

K.B. If you don't have lose rack bushes as C Weibe
says, ( they are the clamps that hold the rack against the frame) then you have a steering pinion that is worn out and needs replacing. These, as far as I know can only be purchased used. Get a friend to help you.
Raise the car and turn the steering wheel holding the
front tires till you isolate where the problem lies.
Christopher Trace

Thanks guys I have been off line most of the week I will try the fixes as discussed. I didn't think the free play was right and figured I may have fouled something up when I was disassembling the tierod ends. In order to make sure I am doing this right, when you change alignment I grab the protruding metal stock(with vise grips) that the tierod end threads on to and spin it a few turns at a time. Am I perhaps turning the wrong item and loosening something else while changing my alignment?
As always thanks for the input.

Keith, you are doing it right - inner rod ends just spin. If rack turns out to be worn, can remove shims from under cover where greaser is. If really worn, TRF has rebuilts for a pretty fair price. Peter
Peter Gooch

This thread was discussed between 17/05/2003 and 23/05/2003

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