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Triumph TR6 - sticky clutch syndrome

Hi Guys: Posted some time ago about a sticky clutch on my '72 tr6. Got to the Buckeye Triumph site and downloaded the info which made a lot of sense. In the meantime I had my mechanic replace everything in sight between the flywheel(which he refaced) and the tranny. By the time I got home it was sticking again. I'm thinking of having him smooth the inside of the front cover and the front edge.
My question is, has anybody tried this and, if so, did it work? My mechanic has owned a british car shop for forty years and says he's befuddled. Fills me with confidence.
J. L. Stein

Not sure if this will help in what you say as sticking but...Did he replace the clutch shaft bushings? When I did mine, I put 2 bushes per side rather than originally just one/side. I have no experience on your question. Good luck.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


I had the same problem....... clutch did not work, when you pushed the pedal a few times it did work again.I only had this problem when it was hot outside.

For my TR6 a rebuilt of the clutch slave cilinder did the job.

Eric de Lange

Is your clutch disk sticking or is it not releasing because of lack of travel? White grease is needed on the splines of the input shaft, if thats dry or sticky it might cause what you describe. A leaky rear seal could cause the faces to stick together, but should burn off with a little use. Your mechanic probably knows more than I do..

If it's lack of travel, check the hydraulics first, including all lines. Then go for the tranny pull again to get to the infamous tapered pin holding the fork on the shaft. Maybe you've done this already. Just some ideas.

Hi Tom; No it's the dreaded "sticky clutch Syndrome" that TR6's are heir to. You can find a description at the Buckeye Triumphs site. It has very specific symptoms. From all I can ascertain it is caused by the throwout rubbing on the inside of the cover, thereby failing to release. The article describes polishing the inside of the case as a cure. I haven't had it done yet and was just hoping that someone had had success with it. Thanks.
J. L. Stein

I had this problem last year after installing TRF's magic clutch, which is a sach's clutch. Master and slave cylinders were replaced as well as all hoses. After the third tranny pull, I finally resorted to rounding off the angular ridge on the throw out bearing and liberally used a high temp grease. That was 3500 miles ago and all is well with my clutch. John.
john eckland

John; Beaucoup thanks for the info. Actually that seems like an imminently sensible approach. Think I may try it.
J. L. Stein

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