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Triumph TR6 - stock front shock replacement

Hi folks
Anyone know the equivalent Monroe/Koni/other brand part number for "stock" replacement front shock absorber?

Also anyone changed a truncion recently?

lw gilholme

Hi Les

I have Konis on the front - part number is 80 1784. Looks like G479 is the equivalent Spax. I have no idea about Monroe etc.

I haven't replaced any trunnions, but I had mine off with the suspension rebuild a year ago. What's wrong with your trunninons??



In my eagerness on removing the stuborn shock, I appllied too much hammer and cracked the trunninion, and so now this too needs to be replaced.

I looked at the licence plate and noticed it is 15 years since the car was licensed for the road...Happy Birthday to the car.

PS Alistair thanks for the part numbers
lw gilholme

I haven't changed a trunnion but I have removed, cleaned and put them back on. Anything specific you are concerned about Les?

The Haynes manual I thought described the procedure well. You will need to remove the spring and disconnect the lower wishbones. That is a tricky as you need to control releasing the tension on the spring. I used a half inch threaded rod and a 2 X 4 to do that once I removed the shock absorber. (2 X 4 at bottom secured via a washer and nut, washer and nut on the top.) Torque it up. Remove the spring pan and then slowly release the spring tension by loosening the nut.

The trunnions thread on and off. I think one is a left hand thread the other a right hand if I recall.You will want to clean them up and replace the rubber seal. You will want a new trunnion kit as well. (the nuts and dowel that secure the trunnion to the lower wishbones). The manual describes the procedure to thread back on the trunnion.

If you can afford the ticket, I would love a trip to NS and I could give you a hand. let me know. :-)

Mike Petryschuk

Drop me a line at if you want more detail.
Michael S. Petryschuk

Les-If you change the trunnion make sure the steering stop is adjusted so that the rotor doesn't contact the trunnion bolt head/nut on full lock. Unless you want a groove to magically appear on the rotor.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Thanks folks for the info,

I should explain that the suspension is of the car in preparation of replacing the bushes/shocks etc, I have one side complete for reference (remember one side at a time).

Still no answer to the original question. Is there a stock type orginal shock available from NAPA/part Quest/Canadian Tire?


lw gilholme

The shocks should be somewhat standard and available from NAPA or CT. But I don't know the numbers. They should be able to find it in their cross reference books. I don't remember where I got mine. I think it was through TRF or VB in the US.

Sorry this isn't more detailed.

Miek Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk


Have a look at:

they offer 2 models.


J. G. Catford

I got my kyb shocks off of ebay. they are installed so I can't see the number behind the springs. I think I got them from Harolds triumph/mg parts. there are some for bid right now. Maybe you could e-mail him for the part # to cross ref. to a shock of your choice. also, bought the bracket/kyb conversion for the rears. replacing the fronts made the biggest dif. I am pretty sure the old ones were 34 years old...

c.a.e. emenhiser

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