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Triumph TR6 - Storing TR for 4 months

Hello all,

As noted in previous threads, it is storage time for those of us livin in the North. I find that the store-it-yourself places in this area have leases that specify 'No flammable liquids'. The owners say I should drain the tank, run it dry and push it into storage.

I know I should run the carbs dry before storing but won't a dry tank develop rust? If I remember right, most people recommend using a gas stabilizer with the last fill-up prior to storage.

Any feedback is appreciated,
EC Smith

Yes best to fill it up with stabil. BUT, you have to empty it if you want to store it with that lease agreement...this is an understandable "condition" for storage especially if indoors.
What about getting some "engine store" ( the aerosol stuff used to flog an engine at storage time) and spray it into the empty gas tank. You will want to use a flexible spray tube attached to the can. There are baffles left and right sides in our gas tanks. They do not go all the way to the top or bottom of the tank. Do not loose the tube in the tank and no need to empty the can into the tank:)

NOTE to all: I have been told that if you flog your engine through the carbs and also spray into the cylinder and then crank over again (with plugs out), do not use your platinum plugs....use an old set of copper core plugs. Leave the copper cores in and use them to start in the spring. Platinum plugs do not like engine store. This I have been told by a marine mechanic who probably stores a few more engines than you and I.

Charlie the spray in the gas tank will get diluted when you fill her up in the spring.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thirteen years ago, I had a leak in the tank of my TR3A and a rad and tank shop "slushed" the insides with an epoxy coating. It's also available from Eastwood in PA. I store my TR3A for 5 months every winter and because it is in my warm dry garage, I leave the tank empty. Because of the epoxy insiide coating, no rust develops and I never find any rust bits in my fuel filter. In the spring I put a gallon of new Hi-test gas in the tank and drive to get it full. Never had a problem.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Use stabil in last tank. You wont get all the gas completely dry fuel pump filters etc. That will prevent problems there.

You can use any oil type spray for the tank even WD-40? :) If you have an air pig and a suction oiler 1/4 quart of non detergent 30 that works best.

By the way running them dry before storage is a much used but impractical myth. Sta-bil and a full tank is best at home.

Unless there all TRs or bottom line tanks instead of top pick up types like most Americans all the tanks have a couple of gallons left in unless suctioned?

Don't try this at home but you can put a cigarette out in a bowl of gas in the cold. Gas is not real volatile in its fluid state. Fumes are.

If its a cold dry storage building. You now have 30? maybe gas tanks top pickups of 2 gallons with an average 16 gallon tank full of highly volatile fumes from the 2 in bottom? Getting real volatile as they warm up in spring? Neat eh?

Insurance bean counters invented that concept no brains. Ask any gas tank repair person the most dangerous gas tank is an empty one?
Bill Brayford

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