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Triumph TR6 - Strange Fuel Gauge

After boasting that I had never fell prey to the scions of Lucas I now have a strange circumstance with my gas gauge.

Sometimes it shows nothing ie does not move (and been driving that way ever since I took it out of storage thinking it is a bad ground or broken sender), and other times it reads correctly.

As of late this circumstance can happen several times in the same day when I turn on the car...sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

Any suggestions??

It sounds like your voltage stabilzer unit is us or it could be the sender unit.


If you are getting unusual temp readings than most probably the stabilizer is the culprit. See Dan Masters info on same.
Don K.

all other gauges are fine, just the fuel one sometimes works and sometimes does not.

Don K said it. The stabilizer is used for both the voltmeter and fuel gauge. If the temp guage is OK then I would look at Mr. Lucas' connections or the fuel sending unit itself. Power to the fuel guage is tapped off from the temp guage ..Light Green/ green. The wire is Green/black from the guage through the rear harness connector block (drivers side behind the side pannel...but u knew that) to the sender at the tank. Easiest access to the tank is through the boot. This is also the side that the screws are accessed to remove the tank but u did not want to hear that. Good luck Steve and let us know what u find as the problem.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

The stabilizer is used for the temp guage and fuel gage not the AMMETER.
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 30/05/2002 and 13/06/2002

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