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Triumph TR6 - Stromberg CD - 2 Question

Is there an adjustment I can make that would return the car to idle faster.

In other words, If I depress the clutch at high RPM's the engine speed does not return to idle very fast.

I did check the dampers and they are at their proper level.

Is the bypass valve not functioning properly?

Throttle linkage is clear as well the choke is not engaged.

I appreciate the help...........

Jeff Shirhall

That does sound like the by-pass valves need adjusting. There is a procedure on that, but I don't recall it. I just blanked mine off with a solid gasket.

Brent B

Hi Jeff
I'd inspect your bypass valves first, I've seen the diaphragm in them become solid and / or have a hole in it. They should be very flexible and the gaskets should also be in good shape. On my car they were installed missing a gasket. The actual diaphragm has a gasket on each side of it.
They can be removed while the carbs are still on the car with the front one being the easiest. As for adjustment if you turn the screw at the top all the way clockwise then back about 8 turns seems to work fine for me. Don't turn counter clokwise any more than 11 turns as that's the end of the threaded screw inside..if in doubt just go full CW then back 8 turns.
I tried blocking the holes with tape then went for a drive but I found it did not improve things for me, I ended up rebuilding them and it did improve. If you decide they need rebuilding you'll find they are easy to take apart and simple to work on

Hope that helps

Charlie B.

This thread was discussed on 07/03/2005

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