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Triumph TR6 - Stromberg problems

We just bought a 71 TR6, it hasn't been registered in 10 year and hadn't ben started in 5 yrs.

We changed all the fluids, replaced the plugs and put a shot of transmission fluid in each cylinder and turned the engine over. It sounded pretty good so we reconnected the ignition lead, gave it a shot of starting fluid. Low and behold it started. It appears to run fair, but needs adjustment. Now comes the problem.

It will not start, even fire without starting fluid first. It appears that the fuel is not geting from the float to the carburator chamber.

check :

-plugged fuel filter
-broken diaphram in fuel pump or broken pump (you can hand prime it by the way)
-stuck needle valve
-stuck float

Pull the plugs out from under the float bowls and see if the gas is filling them up.

Be very carefull with starting is Ether, which is very flamable and explosive and VERY volatile

Maybe the gas in the tank is also 10 years old. It is dead ! Fill the tank with new gas and it will work. If the tank is full of old gas, drain it out and fill with new gas.

Don Elliott (I was at Breckenridge with my black TR3A)
Don Elliott

U have come to the right place for answers and congrats on your purchase (I also have a '71).
A Short Note First: Might I suggest you take an evening and read current and Archive threads on this BB. We are all fortunate to have so many experienced TR owners with "bin' there...done that". There are publications that are a must have. You will see many of us refer to them when talking back and forth.
OK...She started...this is a good sign. First thing, is the fresh gas as Don points out. Second, take the can of ether and put it on the top shelf and let dust collect on it. If u want to do "air leak tests" around the carbs use carb cleaner.
10 years of stale gas would make any TR grumpy from lack of TLC. So with fresh HIGH octane gas let us see if u get fuel to the carbs....I assume new fuel filter like Steven says. ( Do not fill the tank full as u might have to drain it). Get a few more fuel filters as you will probably go through a few more as you get rid of the crap in the tank. You said "fuel is not geting from the float to the carburator chamber". Maybe u have done the following but just in case this is an easy "check this out". Like Steven says the fuel pump can be hand primed. At the base of the fuel pump is a finger lever that you can use to pump fuel to the carbs. Disconnect the line before the carbs and pump some fuel into a clear glass jar. Does it pump fuel and is the gas clean? If no then maybe a rebuild of the fuel pump is in order. Rebuild kits for original fuel pumps are available from any LBC supplier. When fuel filter is disconnected u should get gravity flow of fuel.....the fuel line can be pinched off back at the base of fuel tank at the short rubber line connector. If u get fuel then it would probably be a good idea to have the carbs rebuilt. After 10 years I would think there is not much left of the rubber components in the carbs.
Good luck Joe, and have fun. Consider your next adventures to be the 2 hydraulic systems.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Forgot to a dusting of snow today..gone tomorrow. You guys down south, this is no laughing mater:)
Rick Crawford

I drained the varnish, err old Gas. Replaced the fuel filter. The fuel pump appears to work fine up to the carb. It is possible old junk has clogged the new filter I will check/replace it tonight.

The carb was gummed up with old gas, we dismantled it and cleaned it. replaced all the gaskets but not the needle, the kit did not provide one.

How does the fuel get from the float to the carb when it is trying to start. Vacume, Choke ?????

As Steven and Rick say above - DON"T SPRAY ETHER (STARTER FLUID) INTO YOUR CARBS. It can detonate and punch a hole in the head of your pistons.

Somewhere on an earlier thread, someone suggested putting a cupful of fresh gas into a "spritz" bottle and spraying a bit of the gas into the carbs.

Don Elliott 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Did you remove & clean the needle in the float chamber? The orfice could be plugged with varnish.
Is the choke; or properly called cold start enrichment jets functioning? These can be a bear to start cold without them functioning. Also,check any vacuum lines off the intake manifold for cracks/deterioration. Air leaks will compound the problem.

Pete Haburt
Pete Haburt

Thanks to all of you, for your help. Several people suggested I check the fuel filter. I scoffed at them because I had already replaced it, as well as the fuel. I went back and check it again and found it just plugged. I put another one on and enjoyed the rest of the day driving with the top down.

you might be doing another one yet
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 22/04/2002 and 28/04/2002

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