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Triumph TR6 - Stromberg vrs Weber

Can someone truly tell me if the change from strombergs to webers is worth while or the money? I have been fighting the tuning of the originals and have heard from everyone else that I should change them to Webers. However, a well known mechanic in my area advised me not to do it??????? Any reasoning?
AA Abner

Cheaper and easier to go to SU's> If the motor isn't anything but stock then not much use for Webers. Are you sure your Stroms don't need rebuilding. All kinds of of other concerns can create havoc when trying to adjust them things.
Don K.

It is my understanding that to get the additional air and gas from webers you need to change the cam duration to take addvantage on the webers. Unless you are looking for more torque at high RPM's save your money. If you have not made other modifications to your engine the performance will not be significant.
Ernie Tarbox

The SU's are more appropriate with a stock engine. A new pair of HS6's can be had for a reasonable price (US$290 plus shipping from Australia) including linkage from These units are direct bolt-on to the stock TR6 manifold, but I'm unsure of the air filter housing requirements. There is a vast supply of different needles for the SU that is simply overwhelming. I'm trying to get a feel for tuning these babies. When my ZS's die, the SU's are a favored replacement.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Thanks guys! I am not trying to change the zenith ones becasue of the power I would get out of the webers, performance is not an issue. Tuning is. No, the ones I have on now have not been re-built. That is another alternative, however, if Rick is right about the SU's being US$ 290 for the pair, maybe that is the right way to go.
AA Abner

Got my SU's from Moss UK. Didn't do much good to get the linkage kit from them, the linkage rods were about 2" to short and the link between the rod that connects the carbs and the linkage are 2 different sizes. I still haven't figured that out yet.
Don K

Thanks guys! All the problem was on the electronic ignition! Took it off and now it works GREAT.
AA Abner

This thread was discussed between 09/04/2002 and 27/04/2002

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