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Triumph TR6 - Stubborn tie rods

While attempting to replace my steering rack I have run into a problem with my tie rods. No matter how hard I try or no matter what I do they seem to be fused to the steering arm. Cannot budge them. Please advise. Thanks

I have found a BFH to be an effective tool for breaking apart taper fit joints. The idea is to smack the side of the housing (in this case the steering arm) with a nice sharp blow. It may take a whack or two, but the shock will break the taper fit interface. Do not, repeat do not whack the threaded portion of the tie rod that protrudes through the steering arm. All you will typically succeed in doing is mushrooming the end and potential make removal all the more difficult.

There is a fork that fits into an air chisel that is made for removing tie rod ends. It works very well, as the chisel gives it lots of impacts very rapidly. I have tried the big hammer method, but the air chisel worked much better.
Ed Bell

And the inexpensive fork tools they sell work fine. But they tear up the boot. You're taking them off to replace the end anyway, most likely.

The BFH approach works best with a second BFH in contact with the surface opposite the one being struck by the first BFH.
Rick Orthen

I agree with Rick O and should have mentioned that regarding the steering arm as some backing protection for the arm. As for the ball joint/suspension upright joint, we just grab the biggest one in the box, the one we lovingly refer to as the "Lola adjustment tool" (a left over from Formula Ford days) and have at it.

Bart-If you are planning on reusing the old tie rod ends it isn't necessary to remove them from the steering arms. They can be unscrewed from the inner tie rods. Count the exposed threads and the alignment should be pretty close.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Thanks to all! A 3lb. short arm sledge hammer and one of the fork tools finally did the trick.

Bart R.

As part of a teardown, I separated the tie-rod ends and upper BJ's on my 4A yesterday. I was able to borrow a fork kit at my local Canadian Tire( they have a lend-a-tool program, of course if don't return the tool you've bought it!). Used the small fork on the tie-rodsand the medium size on the BJ's. I also have a 3lb. hand sledge, a few solid whacks and apart they came.
The forks are obviously very high grade steel, and need to be. I accidentally drop one on the garage floor and it rang like a tuning fork!

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