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Hello everyone,
Both my stock release cable and my emergency cable
work fine,what i think happened was a friend ( MGB owner) dropped the hood gently the last few inches
and somethings out of alingment,the hood locks and releases but not enough to get my fingers under to the leaver.
I seem to recall someone getting it open with a broom handle while up on a hoist.
Any suggestion or proven method would be appreciated
Thanks in advance
M Macdonald

That or take the grill off or go thru the glove box
or drill a hole in the bonnet

Thanks Don
I went to the Archive and saw a Tool featured
in the Buckeye site, i believe the hook portion
of the latch is bent, hopefully i can access the
lever from below,and once its open make the necessary
M Macdonald

I had the same problem a month ago. The hook portion of the latch was bent sideways preventing the spring from pushing the bonnet up. I took a piece of brake line and bent one end into a U shape. Then from under the car you can insert this tool far enough in to catch the release hook and push it out of the way. You have to keep the cable pulled so that when the tension is gone it will spring up. You will need a flashligh and have to know where the latch is exactly. Space is tight but it can be done with no damage.

GL Gordon

If you use any metal to effect your task, be REAL careful not to contact the battery terminals or positive wire!! Might ruin your entire day. Others have recommended a wooden broom stick.

One solution to this problem, that I've seen (may have been Dan Master's). A hole was cut through the scuttle behind the glove box where one can slide a hand in and unlatch the mechanism. Hole is plugged with a floor drain rubber plug. If anyone is interested, I'll find the photos and post. May be on cd I. I forget. CRA catching up to me again.
Doug Baker

Thanks Everyone
Drove up to my mechanic with a broom handle and a
length of 3/4 " pvc conduit , who proceeded to open it,with no problem.
I guess it popped back into the proper positon,have
been driving it a little more aggressively ( new rear shock conversion ).

M Macdonald

This thread was discussed between 12/05/2008 and 16/05/2008

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