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Triumph TR6 - SU carbs

My 71 has SU carbs, which I gather is a nice after market modification. Does anyone have the installation info? I have what appears to be a vacuum hose coming out of the rear carb, but there is no vacuum on it. The valve cover breather is hosed directly to the air filter cover, totally unlike the original installation shown in the Bentley manual. I'm guessing that there is no vacuum coming off that rear carb and I'm also guessing that the breather is supposed to feed to the air filter assembly, but I can't find a drawing anywhere. If anyone has bought the SU carbs and has this info, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks, John.
JL Bryan


Breather to filter is not a good idea. Breather to some type of PCV emissions valve setup to intake manifold works. Not direct though. Original for 71 breather emissions control valve is TRF part # 146725. Looks like a large fuel filter in the line. What intake manifold do you have. You should have at least 1 vac port on manifold?

Don't know much about SUs but both should have an operational Vac port that I have seen? Whats the model # or identifiers on the carbs.

Check for vac on that port on and off throttle may be off idle only? If thats the case its a vac. for the distributer.

Quite a few of the guys have SUs more help will be coming but let me know what you find.


Bill Brayford

Hi JL AKA John?

On deceleration there is hi vac in the crankcase and valve cover as well likely your hearing air coming in that line.

Thats one of the purposes of the valve.


Bill Brayford

Yes, Bill, when I officially registered, as Jim demanded, they changed my name from JohnB is SoFl. I will check what you ask tonight and let you know. Thanks.

When I first got the car a few months ago, I was puzzled by a hose that went from the bottom of the rear carb to no where. Remember the "mystery hose"? After looking at the Bentley manual and the catalogs, it became apparent that I didn't have the original carbs. Another difference is that the DPO cut one of the choke cables, so there is only one--the mechanic that looked at the car for me said it didn't matter as the carbs are linked together and it works both, but I am still going to replace it. But the piping and hosing for everything else is totally different. The hose to nowhere is, I concluded, supposed to be a vacuum for the distributor, but it doesn't seem to have any vacuum. And the breather going into the air filter seems totally stupid to me, but then I don't know much.

Someone has to have purchased a conversion kit with directions.
JL Bryan

'demanded' is it now?


John, or JL, or Mr. Bryan, or whatever name you're using today to stay one step ahead of the Sheriff...

The pipe you refer to has no vacuum on it.

We had this conversation already, remember?

They are SO hard to train at this age.

Jim (snickering here)
Jim Deatsch

Okay, demanded was too harsh. Helpfully suggested would be better, although I thought it would make the whistling noise go away. Jim, I might be older than you, it's hard to tell, but as far as knowing about my TR6, I am truly a babe. You're right, the hose to nowhere question was answered, but I still can't figure out why it is there. And all this is very helpful, despite my frequently befuddled questions. It's time to have an adult beverage and think about the situation. And I do prefer John, but they won't let me use it.
JL Bryan

Ahem, Mr. Bryan, Sir,

Your Eminence.

You're a kidlet and that's a fact, but that's ok, we'll still help you out. <G>

I THINK that 'hose to nowwhere' deal is moot since our cars never came with SUs and any that have them are add ons from some DPO.

Adult beverage. Hmmmmm, now THAT'S a thought.

Jim (not QUITE antiquated but close)

did I mention I just bought a 77 Spit?


Jim Deatsch

Bought a '77 Spit? Jim, you fairly reek of old money and too much leisure time.
Brent B

Hey Brent
Don't see old money being in the office at 5:30 AM according to Jims bright lights post.
Mind you I don't hang around with any so don't know there habits. Don't plan on getting up that early to find out either :)
Bill Brayford

Thank you Bill, a gentleman and a school bus is what you are and thassafact.


I was late this morning, didn't get here till 5:45, sigh, rode the Honda CBX this morning. Lovely morning for a ride.

77 Spit was a steal. It's gonna get a good home (or parted, it's rough enough to go either way).

Jim Deatsch

Jim, where the hell do you put all these cars? My wife has been pretty understanding about having the 71 in the garage, because my other car now lives outside and her's gets to stay inside, but if I got another one, I don't think it would be pretty.

As for being a kidlet, true in this world. In the real world, I bought my first old LBC about 35 years ago and basically drove it until it just died! It was an MG, and I liked the way it looked and drove. I didn't care at all about taking care of it, and the poor thing showed it. When I got rid of it, it was running on maybe 3 cylinders and the holes in the floorboard got you wet when you went over puddles.

Later, I had a Jensen Healey and took better care of it. But it caught on fire and got totalled. Now, I think I am repenting with the TR6.

And I'm still looking for some more info on these SU's. John, or JL or whatever they are calling me today.
JL Bryan

Oh man, now you've opened the box. <G>

The 71 is, for all practical purposes gone. I have a few pieces left. The 73 (my baby) is in the garage.

The 77 Spit is probably going to be parted out so it's moot.

As long as Judy's Vue gets it's spot in the garage before the snow flies I'm safe. Otherwise I'll bring the Spit down to your house and you can store it in that Florida winter where it never, hardly ever, gets cold.

Jim (the LBC turnover specialist)
Jim Deatsch

Jim, it's not the heat, it's the humidity, don't you know! It never, ever gets cold here. I think we had a freeze once, but it was a long time ago and it probably got to 31 for an hour or so. Leaving old cars outside and unprotected here wouldn't work as they would deteriorate rapidly and stuff would grow on them. And trying to work on them in the garage this time of year is brutal--it is either raining, or about to rain, or it just quit raining, and the humidity is pegged just under 100%.
JL Bryan

So, if you park it for any length of time in Florida, it'll look like this example?
D Hasara


Didn't think so.

Jeesh D, good thing WE don't live in Florida. We'd look like that too.

Course John wouldn't on accounta he's so young.

Jim (the older, experienced feller)
Jim Deatsch

Pretty much, D. Greenish stuff sprouts from the fabric and viney stuff grows over it. I swear, you can see them grow! I gotta try another post to get this back on course!
JL Bryan


If you happen to have an old clunker like Jims pic in that condition looks pretty complete? I would be happy to take it off your hands. Will have it picked up even.

In Canada and elsewere it oughta fetch about the same price as a mint TR as it sits :) FYI only.

Bill Brayford

Hey, boys, I'm a Floridian. Born in Miami, and I don't speak Spanish. My aunt & uncle had a rebuilt MGA - that Daytona car was a rust bucket after 3 years.

Also had a good friend that hauled some wood in his car - not a LBC - but it had a leak on the passanger side. Shortly afterward, every time it rained he got mushrooms in the floor board.
Brent B

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