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Triumph TR6 - Sudden Power Loss @ 2000 RPM

I have a 74 1/2 TR6 that I am restoring. I have 600 miles on a rebuilt engine and complete new ignition system. Suddenly, the other other day after exiting the freeway, the car spurtered and I could barely nurse the car along at 2 MPH without stalling it. The car starts with no problem (no load) and I can (with no load) get the car up to 2000 RPM, but any higher and it will backfire/stall.

I exhauted all the troubleshooting I can find in the manuals. fuel pump, plug line btn pump and carbs, & carbs seem to work (stalls when I plug each carbs intake when I plug it with my hand. Ignition gap and timing seem to be within reason. Sparks seem to be getting to all cylinders. The part that is confusing is how SUDDENLY this started.

I am running out of troubleshooting ideas. Any Help?

Thaks, Jake

Hi Jake

Thanks for an easy one..:) Yah right.

If you have a vac gage check what its pulling? May be a major vac leak. And from sudden off freeway look at the brake booster area. Car should pull around 17 HG with no leak?

Thats a thought but with your other items. I'm not sure how well your equiped. I would start First vac test then pull all plugs and read for problems. White lean black rich. Let us know?

Could be anything from minor to major. Who built the motor?

Bill Brayford

You didn't mention fuel line plug between gas tank and pump. Could be it. Or something in the tank that's covering the outlet.

Have you checked the carb diaphragms for holes?

Brent B

Thanks for the help. I have good fuel flow to the carbs. I haven't check for a teat in the diaphram in one of the carbs yet. I am buying a vacuum guage today. Jake

This thread was discussed on 04/07/2004

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