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Triumph TR6 - Sunlight

After 4 years and not being out of the garage the 6 got a bit of fresh air. it hadn't seen daylight since I backed it out of a different bay 4 years ago after sitting since 97 and washed it. Pushed it into a different section of the garage. Finally poured the driveway pad so now it can play out side too.

See this link
For more garage photos. i actually was able to reposition the cars and sweep up a bit


Nice pics. Brings back memories of standing where the 6 is in the garage and having a few wabbly pops. Good idea on parking her side ways so both TRs go into the "toy" side. Nice pad outfront and also nice heater.

Rick Crawford

Love the TR house! Maybe you could come and arrange my garage! I the non-6 an 8 or a 7? She looks good looking at the 6!

'73 TR6
Mike Calhoun

Great garage,also great idea installing
the fire detector(heat detector)to protect
your cars/property&life.
M Macdonald

There's a shot of the heat detector?? Interesting.
The Wedge is a TR7 V8
I can't remember who asked but the towels are to protect the afore asked about redone bumpers. I have to take the front back though. I dripped paint remover (hot) on it.

Are you driving one of ther TR's over to Richland in August?
Rod Nichols

When is it?
DON KELLY August Don.

Sorry, could not resist temptation:)
Rick Crawford

If you're going to Richland, let's get a convoy together...

Don't think I could keep up with you Benji

Very nice Don. Car is shaping up.

Can I have your garage? What a great workspace.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael Petryschuk

We are driving up to NE Oregon to meet Dean & Joyce Himes (TR6), then over the mountain to Tri-Cities. Plan on being there for Sam Bass' Pub Crawl....uuhhh...Brewpub Tour! Fire up one of those TR's and let's go!
Rod Nichols

So what the heck is the Date?

I've tried about 6 times (from 2 computers) now to leave the date with the link for the info & registration no avail. :(
It's the 15th thru the 17th of August. If this one goes thru, maybe it's the link to TYEE Triumph that's causing issues??? I also told your kids to tell you I called, so call me back when you can.
Rod Nichols

Never got the message. Gees, Kids. Not my idea.
Don't know about that date. Will be coming home from a road trip to Bismark around the end of that week.
My wife is sequestered in a hotel for most of the month @ Sea Tac airport using airport transfers tonbridge.
Boeing negotiations.

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