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Triumph TR6 - Supercharged TR6

Anyone out there got a blown TR6? Would like to exchange information on blower boost , ignition timing, cam profile, compression ratio etc. I've used a Wade blower - from a 1950s Commer diesel engine, a 'period' modification - and a US-spec. cylinder head. Would like to compare this with the Eaton blower conversion now available in USA. Peter Cobbold(Chester , UK).
Peter Cobbold

I am just now researching supercharging my TR6. See the article on Eaton application in British car Mag #70 Dec97/Jan 98. Also try Paradise Wheels rebuilt Paxton's at 619-562-2598. What boost do you run?

Boost is 1-2psi at 1500rpm ,6psi at 2500 and 9psi at 5000.
Falloff in boost at 5000 is caused by restricted outlet port on blower- will have to sacrifice easy access to plugs to correct this. Head is 8.5 CR- USA specification , the UK heads at 9.5 will give detonation. Ignition advance retards at 6psi boost from 38 BTDC to 24BTDC using a pressure sensing switch and a rotary solenoid to push distributor moving-plate in retard direction about 3mm. I,m going to have problems with fuel octane rating as leaded petrol is banned from end of year. Peter Cobbold

I've seen a "mad max" TR6 with a supercharger, why don't you go to ?
Good luck.

I have the Eaton blower on my six. What would you like to know?

Is your Eaton blower conversion from Vintage Induction Systems, NH ? I'd be interested to compare:
compression ratio; max boost pressure; ignition timing curve( boost retard too);what you do to get round the fuel octane problem?
I run 8.5 C/R; max boost at present 9psi (but soon to go to 12 once air filter enlarged); timing(crank) static 18 BTDC rising to 38 at 2400rpm, then boost retard to 24 at 6psi ; max pump fuel octane in UK is now 97 , but adding manganese based lead sustitute can give about 99. I am contemplating fitting methanol injection , activated at about 8psi.
Peter Cobbold

This thread was discussed between 15/05/1999 and 05/02/2000

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