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Triumph TR6 - Supertrapp Mufflers on a Tr6?

I'm thinking about installing a sport exhaust on my 74 1/2
Tr6. Has anyone ever tried using 2 Supertrapp mufflers instead of "regular mufflers"?

The Supertrapps seem like a good idea - especially the fact that you can tune the exhaust note - I don't want a crazy loud exhaust that is going to give me ringing ears reminicent of real loud 1970's rock concerts.

For those who are not familiar with these mufflers here is a link:

Any help would be appreciated

Aivars Berzins

If you had a 'rice rocket' I would say go ahead, but since you have a classic Brit roadster my answer is 'why'??

A TR6 even with a stock OEM type muffler has a very sweet sound that I am sure everyone with another car is trying to duplicate.

When I pull aside a 'rice rocket'; with the drain pipe exhaust I can't help but think they are wannabee's yet their end result still sounds crap.

A TR6 has one of the best sound with stock equipment !!! NO, ANDS, IFS, OR BUTS.

I am confident that the majority on this BBS would agree. Remeber if it "ain't broke, DON'T fix it"

While I agree heartily with Steven's reasoning, I don't think Aivars was asking for opinions on the suitability of the radical exhaust mod. Rather, someone's experience with plumbing the trapps in and tuning the sound. Let's not jump on people who don't share our loyalties to the stock six or condemn ricers; otherwise, this place will become barren indeed.
Rick Orthen

Okay, Sorry Aivars I did not mean to jump on you by offering my opion and 2 cents worth. Of course I don't want this BBS to become a barren place as there are several knowledgeable contributors offering great advice and unique insights (we all know who they are).

Guess it has always been a hobby horse of mine when people want to change the sound of the TR6 which I always thought sounds perfect, right out of the box and is perhaps the most ideal and complete sound for a sports car (XKE also included). It is the sound that Ricer's, MGB, Spits, Fiat Spyder's, Alfa can only drool over. While Porsches, Ferrari's have the high pitch wine and good old big block V8 have the throaty chest pounding sound, The TR6 has a classic resonance and is quite unique that it can be achieved with a stock none modified exhaust system.

No offense taken Steve. Like Rick had suggested my interest was in the application and suitability of the Supertrapps on my TR6. The ability to tune them to change the powerband & back pressure was my interest - having worked with a friend who raced bikes I am familiar with the concepts behind this type of exhaust.

My concern was that I didn't want a crazy loud stupid sound out of the back of my TR6. I'm not out to bastardize my TR - rather I'm looking at viable options as I reassemble my frame-off 74 1/2.

Aivars Berzins

I installed the Monza exhaust and the Monza header (Jet-Hot Coated). Combined, this has a very similar "exhaust-note" to the stock OEM version, but with a little more pronounced burble.

I like it a lot.


Are you pleased with the Monza system? Did it noticeably improve performance?

My brother in law just removed his Monza four pipe and replaced it with a stainless steel Falcon. He says the Falcon is actually a little quieter. He connected both thru a stck manifold.
Don K.

Yes, and Yes.

But a header has no/little effect under (approx.) 4500rpm, and I don't go around much above 3500. The header IS consiberbly less wieght than the stock cast exhaust manifold. And Jet-Hot coating is a must. The coating is as expensive as the header unit itself.

I had an opportunity to do it right in 1999. Cleaned the engine sump spotless, new starter, new copper or stainless steel nuts/washers, bla, bla, bla....

I would suggest a stainless steel exhaust (oem style), instead of the Monza. (Some time in my future).

You should be alright with the supertrapp mostly
because the stock TR inline 6 is not as high strung
as modern (Honda) engines. The Import engines are
light and high reving. The stock inline is very heavy
and shouldn't go above 5000 Rpm in normal driving.
The sound that the supertrapp gives you should be
quite throaty. Remember, it's the engine that creates the sound, not the exhaust system.
Christopher Trace

This thread was discussed between 31/07/2002 and 28/08/2002

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