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Triumph TR6 - Suspension bracket failure

I just noticed Angel's question about the front lower suspension breaking loose from its mount.
This also happened on my TR4a last summer, and is mentioned as a point requiring reinforcement in the competition preparation manual, so it may not be uncommon.
I got mine repaired by rewelding the bracket to the chassis, adding an additional backing plate to strengthen it, then using 2 bolts instead of 1 to attach (as recommended in the manual).
You will need an alignment afterwards, of course.
I suggest you check the tightness of the steering rack clamps while you're working nearby, I have had the rack get loose in its mounts, which is very exciting!
Simon Rasmussen

Thanks for your input, I thought that everybody was too bussy playing with snow or chasing geese...Bought the bracket and support plates from Moss. Had the old bracket removed using a grinder, a hand saw and lots of elbow grease...Waiting for a friend with a 220v Mig Welder, mine 110v Mig Welder is not strong enough to produce a good and strong weld. Question...the backing(support) plate kit includes three plates...two are the same size and the other is smaller...figured out the use of two,Where does the other go?

PD. I am a member of the BBS but for some strange reason it shows that I am not...!!!!
Angel L. Traverso

Hi Angel,
The bracket I'm not sure but if you want it to show as a member then go to the home page where you have to sign in..then go to the BBS page and customize it the way you like ...then make that page your favourite and use that link from now on ...
that way you'll always be logged in as a member
I just came in from using my snowblower..I don't consider that playing with snow though !! haha
Charlie Ballard

Angel - I use the following as my favorite and I get signed in easily every time as a member.

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The early sidescreen TR's had stronger front suspension frames. Maybe they wanted to save weight in the suspension from TR4 to TR6 to allow for the weight of the wind-up window mechanisms. Or maybe it has something to do with the windows themselves having more drag and causing more force on the suspension parts.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
It's minus 38 deg. Celcius (minus 36 deg. F) with the wind chill factor here tonight.
Don Elliott

Front lower suspension?

Can someone clarify that for me (or take a picture?) so I can look at mine when the Geese come back?

I'd like to make sure.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Deatsch

Don E,

Two years ago, when I was still an MGB owner, a thread came up making fun of Porsche owners. (it's so easy, and they are so thin-skinned) In fun, I forwarded that thread to a Porsche friend of mine, and he found that he was able to post right into the thread with my member ID. Needless to say, he stirred up a bit of dust in the corners, offended a few, and I thought it was pretty funny! He came clean with a later posting, admitting he was a former MGB owner himself, just out to have a bit of fun. The point of the story: if I click on that URL that you pasted earlier in this thread, I can go in and post as you! The message to all of us: be careful what you cut and paste, you may be giving your ID on the board to anyone that wants it! I was led to believe the webmaster had addressed the issue at that point in time. Apparently not.

Rod Nichols

Yes, it works.

Just kidding.

Eric, The Netherlands
Don Elliott

To Jim Deatsch from "Nueva Yol" ...what I meant for lower suspension is the plate that hold the coil spring.That plate is bolted to two arms, one in the front and one in the rear. Those two arms are bolted to a bracket that it is welded to the chassis. In my case it was the rear bracket that broke off from the chassis...hope that one word is better that thousand pictures...or it is the other way around....!!!!
Angel L. Traverso

That's have to log in as yourself and then save as a favourite the BBS thread page ( where you read the headings...that way you never have to sign in
Charlie Ballard

El ángel, mi amigo,

Muchas gracias por la explicación. Estaré seguro echar una mirada cuando ol ojos azules vuelve del armario de almacenamiento.


Jim Deatsch

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