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Triumph TR6 - Suspension replacement

I am looking at changing the suspension on the TR6 1974. I feel every bump and it feels like it is very loos. I am looking for something that is a good price but also a good suspension. If anyone knows of any products and locations to get the stuff let me know. I also think I may need to change the bushings on the car also. How hard is it to install those items if you do not do this very often???



At a good price, I know this place:

They are located near Sarnia.
I sugest to replace bushing with polyurethane type as it is an improvement. An I have bought in the past at PENINSULA IMPORT AUTO OAKVILLE 905/827-9407.

You can easily find at MOSS or at TRF many handling kit, but price is not low.


J. G. Catford

Do not expect a Cadillac ride..she is a TR6.
Might I suggest you put your 6 up on jack stands and give every tyre a good "wiggle" in all directions to see if you have play. This will help to check out a potential serious problem. Turn, by hand, the tyres also.
The TR is very easy to work on. It just takes time and $$$$. You say it feels loose. Do you actually hear noises as you go over a bump? Do you hear any noises as you take off in first or go into reverse? Does your 6 exhibit "rear end squat"? There is a lot to the suspension with many parts that can fail. Replacing all the rubber components with Poly will tighten things up and make it safer but does not really improve the ride.
Also closer to home for you is British Auto Sport, Brampton and Peninsula Import, Oakville. BAS (Fred)specializes in TR6s. Fred can give you name of shop that will look at your TR and give recommendations or Peninsula Imports can do it as they also work on TRs.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

What tires and pressures do you run? My DPO put on 165-15's pumped to max rated pressure. Talk about a harsh ride and loose handling (oversteer)! Many people are surprised that Triumph specified 20 psi Front and 24 psi Rear.

Join the BBS and get access to the archives. Tire and pressure choices are a frequent topic. Once you've joined, you can do a keyword search of the archives and get many points of view.

EC Smith

I have new tires on the car! There is no noise at all comming from the car! I was wonder if adding shocks would help the ride? If I were to add shocks what type should I replace it with? and something that will not cost an arm and a leg! What is the average cost of shocks and the average cost of installing it.
I have brought my car to Joe at Highway 27 & Rexdale. If anyone could provide some feed back on the best way to get this done that would be great...


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