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Triumph TR6 - Suspension Upgrade

Does anyone have any experience (pos/neg) with using gas shocks (kyb) for front and rear (conversion)? I do not plan to change the stock springs but will likely replace the rear spring seats w/ poly too.

When you remove the rear springs do you need a spring compressor or do they fall out once each trailing arm is lowered? Thanks.


The KYB's are a great choice, we have taken several lengthy road trips, and the car is comfortable (not too stiff) for long hours on the move. Check the British Parts Northwest website, their kit is the one to get, doesn't attach to the inner fenderwell. When I did mine, no compressor was required, but I had to stand on the rear bumper and have a friend attach the shock. Dead weight required! That's my 2 cents.
Rod Nichols

Shawn, ditto what Rod says. I have the same rear shock conversion kit with KYB's and I have KYB's up front as well. They are OK up front. Just installed
new adjustable SPAX shocks up front but have only ventured out once so far so not sure yet.

Shawn the rear shocks are a huge improvement.I also changed the springs at the same time with no problems. The upgraded springs also are a big improvement over stock,this keeps the rear end more up write. The front springs will have to be compressed, as far as the kyb's up front,i did not notice much of an improvement. Ian

I've also the KYB conversion on the rear, with the brackets that do not attach to the inner fenderwell. I mounted the shocks while the car was on axle stands and putting a jack under the A-arm. No problems and indead a great improvement !
Eric de Lange

All: Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a great improvement!
Shawn (lots of snow in Boston)

just did all that work on my tr. I would recomend that you install trailing arm kits for camber adjust from Good Parts at the same time I also installed the braided brake flex lines front and rear. Whole job a couple of hours maybe and no other assistance needed.

This thread was discussed between 16/03/2007 and 17/03/2007

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