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Triumph TR6 - SWOP Shop

To the Mediator

I was wondering if was possible to start a SWOP shop, where members of this BBS can fair trade TR6 items. Many of us have things left over from renovations that we are not going to use, but others would have a use for.


lw gilholme

Sounds like a good idea Les - what do you have?
A Hewitt

Les, just list your stuff and I'm sure others that need it will come on line very quickly.
Doug Baker

Just looking around I have:

4 Diff Pins (1 set)new

Various bushes (have to sorted)new

1 Window regulator great condition

2 pair (L & R) window glass slides need new fuzzy seal

I am looking for a (75.5)

fuel tank sender

carb heat shield

Just a few needs at present

lw gilholme

I will add my "stuff" here in case anyone needs any of these:

Alloy rocker cover - never fitted (I installed the gasket then found out it won't fit with an alloy water pump housing - top tip - don't buy an alloy water pump housing, more trouble than it's worth!)

Pair of trailing arms (one stud is missing, not sure if the threads need repair)

rear shock links with new poly bushes - bought these on ebay and then decided to go with tube shocks

Seat foam set (including headrest foam) for '73 on cars

Wheels - a pair of TR250 wheels with the three studs, one 1969 TR6 wheel (half an inch wider with longer studs for the hubcap than TR250) and one standard '70 on TR6 wheel

I am looking for anything hood related, other than the frame!

Les: the carb heat shields are on sale for $35.91 at TRF for the next month - that's about as cheap as they get, I think.
A Hewitt

I am looking for the following: 2 side mirrors(preferably new), wheel trim rings(preferably new), washer pump, 1 interior door handle, set of black rings and clips for interior handles and roll-ups. Email

Thanks, John


Is the seat foam set for both sides and new?

k v morton

Anybody have a parking switch for a 76 wiper motor? Thanks
ED Edward Dorsch


Sorry for the delayed response - been away on business. The seat foams are for both seats and new (well, I bought them 18 months ago, but still haven't opened one package, and the other was only opened to check the headrest foam was included).

E-mail me if you are interested.

A Hewitt

Are the seat foams for the high back seats or the smaller shouldered seats with the separate headrest and how much do you want for them?
B Chamberlain

This thread was discussed between 30/07/2008 and 23/08/2008

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