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Triumph TR6 - Tapered Pin

To all the people who have removed the end of a broken tapered pin (bolt) out of the clutch fork I need your help.

Don - I broke the tapered pin (it sheared off) when I was trying to unscrew it using a small crescent wrench across the square head of the pin. With the gearbox on my workbench, I drilled a small hole in the aluminium bell housing directly below the tapered pin. Then with a longer drill I was able to drill up into the broken piece that was still wedged into the tapered part of the hole. Finally I got it all out using different sized drills and an "extractor".

Now I was able to dis-assemble the cross shaft etc. With the shaft in my vice, I installed a new tapered pin to located it correctly. Then, with it still in the vice, I drilled a second hole all the way through the other corner of the yoke and the center of the cross shaft. I put a 1/4" 20 UNF bolt through this new hole. Ken Gillanders wrote about this many years ago.

When I was reassembling all this back into the bell housing, I installed the tapered pin with the locking wire, then the 1/4" 20 UNF (Grade 8) bolt through the new hole with a nyloc nut on the other end (I used red loctite too) and this will keep the clutch operational, if the tapered pin should break again while on the road. Some people don't put the tapered pin back in in case it might break again.

To fill the small hole I drilled in the bottom of the bell housing, I tapped it and loctited a short length of threaded bolt without any head till it was flush with the bottom on the bell housing so it could not be seen during concours judging. And by removing this, it will make things more accessible next time (heaven forbid).

If your tapered pin broke while you were on the road, it may be the problem that so many TR6 owners have with the new replacement pressure plates that are too strong and break everything.

Check out the excellent VTR Minnisota Tech Article on this.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A

P.S. Were you at Breckenridge ? I drove my TR3A 5220 miles there and back.
Don Elliott

The web-site for the excellent article on TR6 clutches is:-

Click on the left menu for "Tech Info" then on "TR6 Clutch Problem".

Don Elliott

Thanks for the comments I will try your first thread . I plan on using a fix I got from an ISOA tech tip. A Pat Lobdell suggested a 1/4 " roll pin instead of the nut and bolt. I kind of like that idea best. Thanks for the link , I had seen it already. Not much help on the roll pin but great info on clutches.

Hi Don,
Here is another website that deals with the whole broken tapered pin issue. - look under the Techincal Section

Aivars Berzins

Thanks to all that responded . I used the hacksaw method and that seemed to work just fine. I planned on replacing all the parts anyway and had them on the bench already to go. I also noticed that the bush the TRF gave me were twice the size of the ones I removed.
Thanks again

This thread was discussed between 17/09/2001 and 18/09/2001

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