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Triumph TR6 - Targa Newfoundland 2011

Thought I'd share 3 interesting pics and a short story from Targa Newfoundland 2011. The first is one from where a very quick and until the incident, well-driven and prepared Nissan 350Z rear-ended a $100,000 Subaru WRX rally car after the Subaru had pulled over with a blown head gasket. Luckily the driver and co-driver had exited the Subaru and relocated across the street before the black Nissan lost control, hit a guardrail, took out a utility pole and crunched the Subaru. The Subaru wound up sitting on a trailer formerly occupied by a red boat, now destroyed and going cheap. The boat was sitting in front of a Chevy pickup, with a For Sale sign on it and now also going cheap(er)!. Lastly, there was another trailer in the mix and that one wound up across the street and in another driveway. Two very lucky Subaru drivers, who were probably saved by the 30 second interval for releasing cars onto the stage. I will have to do three posts but advise that the second is just a closeup of the destroyed Subaru. The third is a tribute to Rod's very fine pic of his TR6 "lurking in the grass" on a previous post. The Porsche missed a turn, spun, hit a huge boulder and bounced into the roadside pond, destroying his left front suspension and his intercoolers. It sat there lurking like a bass in the weeds and I couldn't resist the pic. They worked all night on the car, got it running and finished Targa in pretty good position. We christened the car "U-777" but I told the driver at the scene it reminded me of the Beatles "Yellow Submarine". He was just barely amused. There were no TR6's in Targa this year and if there were they woulf certainly not have wound up wet like that Porsche. I teased the Porsche divers all week about Porsches coming from the factory with tow ropes as standard equipment.

Bob Evans

This thread was discussed on 19/09/2011

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