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Triumph TR6 - Technical Articles

Anybody know what happened to all of the technical/maintenance articles at the Buckeye Triumphs website?
Jim Vandenberg

The word is that Nelson has shifted his interest to building a small scale steam locomotive, and recently has become fearful of lawsuits regarding any of his "extensive and exhaustive works", refering to the TECH articles that once resided on the "Buckeye" website.
He requested they be removed from the site, and that is what has happened.
A gentleman on another "list" saved some of the articles, and is making them available on his own site.

He was limited in space, and has tried to get the more basic topics, but not the more specific articles like (OD's).

Hope this is helpful to you.


Mark Riddle

Some of the stuff has also been taken off the VTR pages. I suspect for similar reasons.

It's a sad day when you can't offer simple "user be aware" advice without liability fears. People just don't want to be accountable for their own actions and prefer to try to place the blame on others in many questionable situations.

I have found these documents to be very useful and will miss the access to them.

I hope voicing my opinion on a non British car issue doesn't break any BBS rules.

Disclaimer: By the way the opinions voiced in this submission are not necesarily shared by the administrators or users of this website.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

JIm et al
Go to my (current...Sep. 2004)) thread reverse gear problem and you will see Barry Price has said the following:
Quote "The Buckeye tech articles can still be retrieved by going to: and putting in the Buckeye site.
Berry Price"
Thanks again Berry.

You old timers on this BBS might recall I suggested a on-going technical help thread with little tech tips to make life easier (eg..using long bolts to guide a tranny back into position)....
Mike P; can not agree with you more.

Next thing you know we will have to add to our sig. the following disclaimer.

" what I have just said is my opinion and I know is true information. It may not be the opinion of others. in fact, others might think I am wrong. SOOOO...what I have said is to be considered not true and un-reliable information. In fact anything I say to you should be considered as a lie....this is the truth...why would I lie to you?"

Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick's site will probably work. The internet archive site archives old sites, and even has the old version of sites which have been updated. Somebody must have a huge server to keep all that info.

It is an interesting site.

JL Bryan

There used to be this TR6 web site kept by a guy by the name of Zimmerman at MIT. There is some mention of this in the archives of this BBS too. I tried to find this in, but could not. Does anybody know if this has resurfaced anywhere?

Ignatius Rigor

David Zimmerman used to maintain a Triumph URL[} that has been inactive for sometime now. He is/was a member of the New England Triumphs club. You could try e-mailing him at, but he should have left grad school by now. He has a bio at

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Correct the "eud" to "edu" in the URL and go paste it into the page search. The Zimmerman stuff is there.

Rick, Steve,

Cool! ...just found them.


Ignatius Rigor

Thanks to all. I agree with Mike... it's a sad day when people are afraid to share their invaluable knowledge and experience with others for fear of being sued. Fortunately I had the notion (don't know why)some time back to print almost every one of the Buckeye papers but it certainly was nice to flip over to the sight spontaneously once in a while. Oh well, that's progress?

Jim Vandenberg

For all I know, Nelson Reidel may have actually been threatened with legal action prompting the tech articles retreat. Or perhaps he had a fallout with Buckeye Triumphs? Who knows. It does seem to be an irrational retreat lacking either of the above. I did manage to save pdf's of some of his work over the last 3 years though. Don't forget there is a lot of tech articles up on the VTR website.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Rick O and Jim,
When the Zimmerman site was fully operational, I did like you; I now have a binder full of the little
"helpfull" articles/tips. I will check out this link to the old learn something everyday about the WWW. Did not know about the waybackmachine.....thanks again Berry:)
It is unfortunate that there are people in this world that think the best way to support their retirement efforts is to "sue thy neighbour".
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I believe this is the "new" Zimmerman site.
Brent B

That is it!
Good hunting skills:) The dream book is there to.
Rick C
Book mark it guys.
Rick Crawford

Rick C.-I don't know how long the articles will be available on the Wayback Machine. Being somewhere between a computer idiot and dummy, I didn't even know of its existence before someone on the 6pack list mentioned it. Nelson seems to be concerned about the liability from many articles he has published, both on Triumph and other subjects. That is a sad commentary on our society.
BTP Price

Rick - the dream book??
Brent B

Instaed of a "dream book", why doesn't someone save all this and download it onto a DVD or a CD and send it out copies to anyone who wants one. Then you will have it all and no-one can take it away from you.

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

Brent and Don
Brent: sorry, should have said will see why I said dream book if you look at it.

It appears that this site has been up/back since 08/01/2003...see "what's new".

Don, You made me laugh with your suggestion. If you think about it, your suggestion kinda fits the theme of this thread.

I suppose one could do this....if I was to do it I first off would ONLY be doing it for my own personal use with no intention to distribute the "copied" information at all. I would think this is "protected" it not? It looks like it would take about 1.5 hours to do. Create 2 directories on your PC called "TR6 Procedures" and "TR6 Diagnostics". Then create (as you go through the copying of files) sub folders, that contain the individual areas of repair/procedure. I would suggest copying the topics as "MHTML" (not HTML)documents so you save them as WISIWIG. I would hazzard a guess that it would be about a 4MB file in the end so would easily fit a CD-R.
Just for the heck of it, I went through some of the topics and saw that about 5 of the topics pointed to a now non-existant site. Also, just for the heck of it, I tried to save a few topics and saw that the title came up as "-title here-" when trying to save so one would have to enter the title of the subject manually. I would think that this directory could be added to. Over the coarse of a year, it could get to be a little bigger. A 4MB file is nothing to a CD-R.
Interesting suggestion Don....the mouse would get a real work out:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford


I actually thought about doing what Don suggested in order to get rid of all of the hard copy I have laying around. Your post brought me back to my senses. Thanks.

Jim Vandenberg

This thread was discussed between 19/10/2004 and 24/10/2004

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