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Triumph TR6 - Temp gauge problems???

Hey guys, this is an MG guy asking this question so go easy on me please. I'm finishing a complete redo on a 74 TR-6 and am having problems with a temp gauge. The problem is that is shows running HOT! It is not running hot as I've checked the water temp with a seperate thermometer and it shows around 180. I've replaced the temp sender twice, both times from different manufacturers parts. One Lucas & one Intermotor. The gauge advances slowly as the engine warms, so I don't think its a wiring problem. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks, John


How is your fuel gauge reading? If it's reading high also, you probably have a faulty voltage stabilizer. If not, you probably need to adjust or replace the temp gauge. If you can get to it easily enough, try swapping the input leads to the gauges - feed the fuel gauge with the green/blue wire from the temp sender, and feed the temp gauge with the green/black wire from the fuel sender (internally, the gauges are identical - the only difference is in the dial markings). If the temp gauge still reads high, the gauge is the problem; if the fuel gauge reads high, it's a wiring or a sender problem.
Dan Masters

Dan, Thanks for the tip. It looks like you might have hit on something with the voltage stabilizer. The fuel tank is almost full, so if the guage was pegged I couldn't tell. Now, can you give me an idea where to locate the voltage stabilizer. Hopefully a bit more detailed than behind the dash.
Thanks again, John

It is attached to the back of the speedo. Should be 2 wires on 1 tab with 1 wire going off the other, all green
Don k.

Thanks for all of your help. As I said, I tried two different senders,replaced the voltage stabilizer, swapped the gauges, (the temp gauge registers about 3/4 when attached to the fuel gauge wires) and checked the wiring, all to no avail. Still the same readings. Is there a possibility this car has a celicus gauge? It only shows C-H on the gauge face.

John-Just as a reference point,if the needle is between the 2 small dots, the the temp should be about 180 deg.
Berry Price
BTP Price

This thread was discussed between 01/12/2004 and 10/12/2004

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