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Triumph TR6 - Temp. Guage

Need some help guys. Check my thread on the TR3 site.
Thanks for any help.
B. Towne

we are lazy.
Do a copy and past and bring it over here.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I just thought of something. You could use a TR4 gauge and sensor. And thread the wire through the coiled protector, making it look very close to original, maybe soldering the wire to the sensor to hide it more.

But conquering the ether sounds fun. I have an Ungar soldering iron with a wide chisel tip that will provide lots of heat. For this type of fine work, I prefer a liquid flux. Get both sides tinned well, a drop of flux, a bit of fresh solder on the iron, touch it, it's done.

How many different candy thermometers do you compare before you believe one? Or would it just be better to put in a gauge that reads right in the middle all the time. I remember talking to a VW mechanic about putting a head temp gauge on an old bug. He said "You don't wanna know how hot it is. What are you gonna do, you're stuck in traffic." My blood pressure goes up when the TR heats in traffic. Who needs a heart attack?

Thanks anyway Rick. I just thought it would be better to keep resonses to one thread.
B. Towne

This thread was discussed between 17/09/2004 and 20/09/2004

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