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Triumph TR6 - Thanks for the help

Well everyone it has beem a while since I posted so I thought I should just chime in here and thank you all for the excellent advice and insight I have gotten the past year that helped me get my TR on the road.

I did have some interesting moments as I drove and started to work some of the bugs out during the summer. I initally thought I would have to do some wiring checks as many of my lights didn't seem to be working but after a few trips up and down some bumpy side roads, low and behold the brake lights, running lights and rear turn signals have started working. I wish everything was that easy

I also had to replace the brakes. Driving down the highway the right side caliper seized and over heated, boiling the brake fluid and resulting in loss of brakes on the exit ramp. Unfortuantely the hand brake isn't that great, actually it was useless so down shifting, I was able to come to a rolling stop. I was able to limp home and by the time the brake fluid had cooled down I had brakes again and the caliper pistons had loosed up. I thought it would be a good idea to replace the brakes anyways.

For the coming winter I'm looking at replacing the valve guides as I have puff of smoke when I hit the gas or possibly I will have to do a top end rebuild as the number 4 cyllinder is a bit low compression wise. I will do a recheck compression wise as maybe driving has loosed up a stuck ring. Anyhow. I enjoyed the car for august and september inbetween replacing the water and fuel pump. Still have some cosmetic work to do and she will never be a show vehicle but she is a driver and I'm having hoot while learning lots.

Thanks again everyone for all your help. You guys are all great!
A Vandergoot

Ahhh.... The experience of British Leyland electrical systems. If all the rear lighting was out, you may want to clean up the front to rear wiring harness connector if you didn't do that originally. Could be the rear light fixture ground wasn't too good and the driving helped that connection.

A very scary moment on the brakes. Glad all worked out OK. I think with new parts and adjustment, you should be able to get the hand brake to be somewhat effective.

If I remember correctly a puff of smoke on hitting the gas is a possible sign of worn piston rings. Smoke on letting up on the gas is related to valves. You may want to check compression on the cylinders as well. Is the smoke blue (oil) or black (rich mixture)?

Michael Petryschuk

yeah it is blue smoke. I also sometimes get a puff on start up. I'll check the compression so 1 will know what is what. I also have a line on a overdrive transmisson from a 73 for $1000!! Should be a interesting new year.
A Vandergoot

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