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Triumph TR6 - the frame

The bodyshell might be bad...but the frame is good.

new valves/springs/head done.
Radiator recored
New alternaor
stainless stell exhaust (bought off Bob)
New brakes pipes/shoes/pads/rotors
New calipers
All new bushes everywhere
New universal joints everywhere
Starter rebuilt
new clutch
New transmission cover to go on
New seatbelts to go on
NMew gaiters
Mew tierod ends
New hoses
New heater control
New Oil spin off adapter to go on


lw gilholme

Looks like a great start Les !!
Cheers Charlie
Charlie B.

A bit of Deja vu

Why do you have the rad in place Les? (or did you forget the body?) :-) I think I placed the body on the car then put the rad on. Too scared it would get damaged.

Looks good. Only 500 more hours to go.
Michael Petryschuk


Other pics on restoration projects showed the rad in placed before fitting the body. so if anyone else has done a full body off restoration, then please feel fre to add your penny-worth

lw gilholme

I think is 6 of one, half dozen of another. Putting it on before the body is easier but there is risk of damage as you place the body over it.

But with this way you can stick the seats, steering wheel and brakes on and take a drive :-)
Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 06/05/2015 and 13/05/2015

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