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Triumph TR6 - The Goose and Other Stuff

Was over on one of the "other" forums and saw a post today from Jim Deatsch from Neu Yawk. That can only be "The Goose". Where did he go? He was a regular and valued contributor when I joined in 2004 and he up and disappeared so I sent him a PM and hope he responds. It's always cool to hear from one of the original guys on this forum. Too bad it's not as active as it used to be but maybe we can jump start it again. After the longest friggin' engine rebuild in Forum history I've finally mated the rebuilt gearbox, new clutch and p/plate with the rebuilt engine and they're resting in the engine hoist as I sit here wasting time with a Martini; well, maybe not really wasted time after all. Tomorrow, Sunday, Aug 11/13 is a big day in my TR6 history as two buddies and I will finally drop that sucker in the newly detailed engine bay. Can't wait to see what 18 months of detailing and 5 years of delayed engine rebuild finally look like in their proper place. This is going to be special! I'll post pics when the deed is finally done. BTW, heard from Les Gilholme and he'll be coming by in a couple of weeks. Great thing about this forum also has been meeting other members. Cheers, to Charlie and Pete with whom I've had the privilege of hoisting a few. Could only happen with LBC drivers (I think :))
1976 TR6
Bob Evans

Good idea to try to goose this forum into action. Unfortunately(!) my TR has no issues whatsoever and all I need to do to it is drive it. Here on the prairies the weather has not been particularly conducive to top down motoring lately, but the temps may get into the mid 20's this week and if so the TR will emerge into the sunlight. May yours soon do the same.

1969 TR6
A. J. Koschinsky

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