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Triumph TR6 - The Price is Right !

Last night I watched the Barett-Jackson automotive
auction on the speed chanel.A well respected auction.
Along side of all these beautiful Packards and Hot Rods
was this lone Triumph. A 1976 TR6 ,nothing special
but a good soild unrestored six in very clean condition.
It sold for $16,000 US dollars which is about $23,000
CND Dollars.(I paid less than a quarter of that three years ago)The comentator said that TR6's had doubled
in price in the last year and were set to keep raising.

Now this could be just chit chat among the boys up in the booth while they wait for the next "Dream machine"
to be rolled out on the mat or maybe other people are starting to see that the TR6 design is classic in its self.

What does everyone else think?
Personaly, I don't think I would ever sell my 6.
Christopher Trace

That means my TR6 is doing better than any single investment I have in the bank !!
Enjoy your cars my friends !!
Charlie Ballard

TRs prices in Australia have remained fairly stable over the last couple of years ranging from AUD $25,000 to $30,000 and concour originals up to $40,000. One Australian Dollar is about 77c US. Lets hope they go it will put a smile on my wifes face.
kevin Farley

I was watching it also but wife got a hold of the remote some how. Can someone help me on putting a block on the garden channel?
Wish I saw it. One thing I noticed is all vehicles seemed to go for big bucks. I mean a 56 Chev (Belair?) convertible $100,000! WOW! I would guess by the end of the night, the average price was mid 50s. One of the comments was that "original" cars would increase more in value than the mods. It would have been interesting to hear what Allen DeCadinet had to say.
The TR6 IS a very beautiful car and is an excellent example of British built cars along with the Healeys.
Some very nice cars changed hands.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I too, think the TR6 is a classic car about to become appreciated. It has all the correct attributes, slab sides and body panels, big footprint, throaty exhaust, neck snapping torque, and the lid goes down. What else could one want for the investment?
Not to mention it turns heads everywhere you go. One sweet piece!!!
Drive em til ya drop Lads...
B.R. Horne

I don't know why anyone, especially us, would be surprised at the rise of price in the TR6. I've told anyone who will listen that they had better buy them now before we see them do what the Austin Healys have done. There was a 67 AH3000 that brought 65k on the Barrett Jackson auction. How about XKE's? Better buy an MGB while the getting is affordable. And a .......
Gene Holtzclaw

There was an article in the Palm Beach Post last week about "classic cars". TR6's were mentioned as bringing around $20,000 and probably going up. I don't see that on ebay or anywhere, but it sure is a nice thought!
JL Bryan

I watched the auction and seen the TR6. Makes ones heart glad to see our cars start to get the respect they deserve. I'm sure it will only get better in respect to other cars. Somewhere in the back of my head I think I remember hearing that there where around a million and a half 55 Chevs produced. Even if you consider the age difference it should make a TR6 much rarer. Got to mean something in the future. I was happy too, since I believe my Six was nicer than the one sold and I haven't got near that kind of money into it.

Doug Campbell

If you check the link, there were three TR6's sold at the auction and unfortunately there was a spread in the selling prices.

Gotta say I was always a bit puzzled as to why such a beautiful car was so undervalued. Maybe our time has come guys, I'm glad I got one, regardless of it's 'value'. I'm sure many of you feel the same and if our cars suddenly 'take off', whose complaining. Geese forever. Who on this board will ever think of TR's without the association of geese. Peter G
Peter Gooch

Your last coment opens a whole differant can worms. I bought my car for a fraction of what I've put into it and I'm making plans to spend more on it this season. Mind you I'm not really complaining. There is nothing I'd rather do than install some nice shiny new thing and then convince myself that I can really feel the differance. I stopped keeping track of improvments($$)
long ago.
Christopher Trace

The only problem I see with our little beauties appreciating in value is that now I will have to have her appraised again and increase the insurance coverage ;) As my wife would say " kashing..kashing". One thing is for sure. I am not planning on sell her...she's a keeper.
Rick C single car garage that has the sign up
"Triumph parking only".
Rick Crawford

If you want to get out of household type chores and want to work on your 6..just tell the wife your "working on our investment dear "
I'm sure we'll have no problems after!
Charlie Ballard

This thread was discussed between 24/01/2004 and 28/01/2004

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