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Triumph TR6 - The Ride Gets Better

suspension, handling and the ride...

Since I have more money than brains I keep fixing & improving stuff on my "turn key, totally restored" car. I am not finished yet but just had new poly bushes put on the trailing arms, ditto the front anti sway bar, and this past winter I did a tube shock conversion and installed new rear springs with new poly pads. I had put new front shocks on out in BC. Topped off with new tyres the car just keeps getting sweeter to drive.

It's all insanity but man is it fun...


Rick C... you had asked why I had not changed my oil yet well I just did a spin-on filter conversion so waited to do oil at the same time. 3 quarts of Castrol 20w50 plus a quart of Lucas additive = molasses but oil pressure seems normal.

Ken Shaddock

I can help but think of the lighter side of life and positive thinking..........I think you are getting more enjoyment and personal satisfaction out of this car NOW, than if you had got the car with nothing to do but drive it.

Go to your local GM dealership and get a bottle of EOS. Add 5 oz to your oil change.(if he is still open and has not got his pink slip)

Rick Crawford

You are bang on RC. The car is becoming mine through all this work and it feels great. Every once in a while I get a little testy about the turkey in the west but I quickly move on fixing or finishing what was overlooked or done poorly.

The car will truly be a great one some day. It won't be all tricked with performance stuff... not my style... just a clean, close to original car. It already gathers lots of interest when on the hoist at the local garage. People want to know if it's for sale.

Will indeed get off my duff and get that EOS. Not enough hours in the day and believe it or not I sometimes forget what I wanted in town when I get there ;).

Ken Shaddock

This thread was discussed between 26/05/2009 and 30/05/2009

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