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Triumph TR6 - Thoughts on the major suppliers

Ken had a thread about a new windshield and someone asked a question about the various suppliers.

I'm looking at a new windshield, too, and want to redo the seats and the top. Not right now, but soon. The prices are close at the big 3 (TRF, Moss and Victoria British).

Any thoughts on the quality comparisons between them? With my wife's able assistance, we're going to to the seats and the top ourselves, but not the windshield.

Also, does it make any sense to order a carpet kit or is it better to just pay an auto upholstery shop to put down black carpet?

Thanks, John.
John Bryan

Check your local windshield replacement place.
Also, can it be covered by insurance?
Buy a kit for the carpet. If your not fussy there are a couple of suppliers on eBay that sell em fairly cheap

I agree with Don on the carpet kit John. The pieces are pre cut and where an edge shows there's a finish binding. I also bought the heat / sound shield material for under the carpet and cut it to fit myself. Keeps the interior cooler and quieter.

Can't advise on suppliers. I've shopped all over and have not been disappointed except for the odd defective mechanical part from Moss sold through my Canadian resellers. Check with Jeff Zorn at LBC Co in Michigan too. Charles (TRF) has good sales on at times so if you are not on their e-mailing list you might want to consider being added.

Ken Shaddock


I think that things like the seat foams, seat covers, carpet sets tend to be made by the same suppliers and then just sold on by TRF, Moss etc.

If you are planning to buy quite a lot of stuff, and pln to keep your car for a while, have a look at the TRF investment scheme. If you lend them a certain amount (pretty sure it is $5000) you get 33% off list prices, which really helps with larger projects - I saved at least $800 (a guess) when I rebuilt my engine. Another $100 off the rear shock conversion, $100 off new hood... it adds up. You could probably get similar prices by waiting for the right sale to come up, but the investment scheme also pays interest - I think it is down to 8% at the moment, but that is a lot better than a savings account, CD etc. Not as safe, I admit!

I see a lot of bad comments for TRF (the backorder factory, etc.) but I have never really had a problem with stuff being delayed. Nice people to deal with and the parts are good quality.

Alternatively, wait for Thanksgiving - Rimmer Bros usually have a free shipping to USA deal that weekend, and since the seats, carpet kits etc. tend to be from the same supplier it just comes down to the exchange rate. I noticed that Charles (and other suppliers) were keen to pass on the rising costs when the Pound was strong, but now it is more than 25% down on those peaks and the prices over here still seem to be based on $2 to the Pound!

A Hewitt

This thread was discussed between 30/08/2010 and 31/08/2010

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