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Triumph TR6 - Throttle mixture control cables

Same car, different question. 71 TR6. The car doctor, when I dropped in unexpectedly, told me the carbs had two cables and only needed one. One was connected, one wasn't. I think they are the throttle mixture control cables that would go to the choke control. Do both need to be connected?

If your Carbs are original Zenith Strombergs 2 cables are needed. There are ways to modify to a single cable but leaving one disconnected isn't it?

Bill Brayford

From this and the trunk post, sounds like the "car doctor" might just be practicing without a license. It looks like time for you to either find someone who specializes in British stuff or go the DIY route.

The remark about only needing one and then the bit with the trunk are not good signs. Have these guys ever even seen a TR6 before? Even the most basic of shop books, such as the big multi-manufacturer Chilton ones, indicates that the choke cable set up on the stock carb equiped NA market TR6 is a double cable.

This thread was discussed on 21/08/2003

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