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Triumph TR6 - Throttle shaft bushings

I am putting back the throttle crossshaft. After stuggling with the new bushings according to the Bentley manual I should be able to put the shaft in after the bushings are installed. It appears that the shaft will not fit unless the bushing is installed on the shaft "Before" it is attached to the bulkhead. The bushing are very frustrating to begin with without the shaft attached. Am I missing something ?
Richard Crabbe

Hi Richard

Yes you are correct...they are very difficult to install. I even tried to "nuke" them to see if I could get them in. Hot water did not work either. I finally cut the "flang" part off (the part on the back that straddles the hole like a floor or any plug). I then epoxed them into place. This worked out to be much easier and considerably less frustrating. Yes the shaft goes in after the bushings are installed. It goes in from the driver side floor. When I did this I did not have the clutch and brake pedistall assembly installed. Maybe this is stopping you from getting the shaft level. So if you do the flang removal thing then you can epoxy them in while the shaft is in. Obviously do not epoxy on the shaft.
Best regards
Rick Crawford

Yes these are a challenge to get in BUT they do fit without cutting and epoxy which NOT RECOMMENDED because the type of plastic will not bond in the long term and this could be a safety related item

Best way to get them in is:

1. don't install with the shaft in place
2. boil water and let them stand for a while
3. use rubber grease (the packets that come when you rebuild any hydraulics
4. THE SECRET use 2 teaspoons to work the bushing in (like a tire iron) A scew driver is too sharp.
5. When it is nearly in use the end part of a drill bit ~3/8" to provide leverage
6. the shaft will go in with the other peddles in place
7. coat the shaft with either rubber grease or lithium to ease it DO NOT use a petrolium based grease
8. if you still have problems get a helper to insert a rod (end of drill bit) to open up the hole and push it through

This thread was discussed between 11/02/2001 and 31/03/2001

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