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Triumph TR6 - Throughout bearing

This may be a bit of a no-brainer but doyou pack a new through out bearing with grease prior to installation?

No, that's done at the factory. But you should lightly lubricate the guide sleeve and pivot points with molybdenum grease.
And just for the record, it's a 'throw-out bearing'.
Doug Campbell

Don't mean to be contrare, but I would never put a new throw out bearing in a TR6 without first packing it with grease. It is not a top rate bearing to begin with, and seems to be the part to most likely fail in the clutch system. Wheel bearings come with a small amount of grease on them too, but would any of us put them in without packing them? I even lightly grease the fingers on the pressure plate where the throw out bearing makes contact.
w Holtzclaw

I certainly agree that the after market bearings are junk. However I would think that packing it with extra grease that it wasn't designed for would only cause the grease to sling out and make a mess. Attracting dirt and clutch dust. Just my opinon; maybe some of the other guys would have some thoughts?
Doug Campbell

Oh, good (rubbing hands together)a discussion...

I've never 'greased' a throwout bearing with the exception of the shaft and the face where the fingers of the release arm engage.

Remember, the only time it's in USE is when the clutch is disengaged, that is , when the pedal is down.

While W brings up a good point about lubrication being a GOOD thing, I believe that you're inviting two things.

1. Clutch dust (limited though it may be) entering the bearing itself from the 'unsealed' side...


2. The lubricant used, migrating through centrifigal force, to the face of the clutch disk.

Jim (everyone's entitled to an opinion, even John) <G>
Jim Deatsch

For those familiar with the German 'Gunst' T/O bearing kit, Don Malling over on the 6Pack list is organizing a third group purchase. If interested, contact Don at

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, browse the 'sticky clutch' tech section of the Buckeye Triumphs website (I have a Gunst kit, not yet installed).

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I think that Rick O and I were in on the same group buy of the Gunst T/O bearings with Don. The Gunst parts are some prime looking bits and Don did a great job of coordinating the buy. I haven't installed mine yet either, but sure think it is worthy of consideration for TR drivers.

This thread was discussed between 08/10/2003 and 10/10/2003

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