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Triumph TR6 - Throwout Bearing?

Pretty sure I know the answer to this one; but thought I run it past you guys. I've recently replaced just about everything you can on my clutch. New clutch, clutch shaft, bushings, throwout bearing holder, fork, fork pins,(new taper pin & cross drilled), clevis pins, welded and redrilled clutch pedal. Kits in master and slave cylinders, and pilot bushing. The only thing I didn't change was the throwout bearing. My parts supplier said it was OK and that I should reuse it since the new ones are junk.
That was about 3,000 miles ago. Last night I was out for a drive and the clutch pedal had a very jerky feel to it as I depressed and released it. Lots of clutch still; just jerky and hard to do a smooth take off. I immediately thought hydraulics; perhaps one of the cylinders sticking then releasing. When I got home and turned off the engine and depressed the clutch it was smooth as silk. Start it up and it's jerky. I put it up on ramps and got under while the car was running. I could hear the throwout bearing and when I put a little preload on it the sound diminished. You can't hear the bearing in the car, but then the car is not the quietest and my hearing is not what it used to be. I would say the throwout bearing is gone. To me there is no other connection between the clutch and the engine running. What do you guys think? Man I don't feel like pulling the transmission; just getting into some nice driving weather.

Doug 73 TR6
Doug Campbell

Doug; I've got some bad news. What you've got sounds like what I suffered with for months. Go to the archives and look for "sticky Clutch". My 72 Tr6 had these exact symptoms. In my case my mechanic fixed it by installing a special throwout with a brass sleeve that went the entire length of the throwout instead of the usual 1 1/2 or 2 inches. Because the sleeve was so short, it was catching on the shaft as it moved back and forth.
There's also a site at "Buckeye Triumphs" on sticky clutch. It's under technical I believe.
Whichever it is, it's definitely your throwout. If just replacing it doesn't help then it'll be a pain. May the goose be with you.
J. L. Stein

The 'sticky clutch' syndrome & fix may not apply here since the symptoms appear only when the engine is running.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Rick; I could be way off base here, but this sounds exactly like my problem. It only did it with the engine running and got worse as it got hot. I would suggest though that Doug go to and read the clutch bearing sections in the technical section. A lot of info on throwout problems.
J. L. Stein

Hi Guys,

Well it's a rainy weekend so I decided to tackle my throwout bearing problem. Just pulled the tranny and noticed that the clutch fork pins have flat spotted. I put these in new only about 4,500 miles ago. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this. Is it normal for them to get a flat spot so soon; or did I get pins made from inferior metal?

By the way, now that I have my car out of commission, the weather is sure to turn beautiful.

Doug, 73 TR6
Doug Campbell

This thread was discussed between 19/05/2004 and 12/06/2004

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