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Triumph TR6 - Tie Rod Question

Does anyone know how hard it is to replace the tie rod ends on a 73 TR6? Are any special tools required? Thanks

Jim--No special tools; be sure to count the number of turns it takes to unscrew each end as that will help on getting an approximate toe setting on the reinstall. Use 2 big hammers to shock the tapers loose from their yokes.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

If your leery of the 2 big hammer method which works 99 percent of the time as per Rick. Or if you have not seen it done???

Most of the parts stores now do the free loan a tool deal. Give you nice little expensive set of screw type seperators in a box to remove the taper. Part can be ordered from them as well usually far cheaper.

Make sure the replacement is identical to original for this next tip?
Rather than trying to count turns clean the area at the threads before taking off. Then just take a small hose clamp open it up and put it right up against the back of the tie rod. Tighten down the clamp. Wind her off. Screw new one on back to where it stops. If its not vertical when it hits remove hose clamp and bring around tighter till it is. Its due to rust on the old part.

You will be dead close but alignment is always in order. suspension parts are rarely identical.

If your a young fella like myself the hardest part is getting up off the cold cement this time of year..:)

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 19/11/2004 and 20/11/2004

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