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Triumph TR6 - Timing

Ok, so I set my number 1 piston at TDC (on compression) and the timing mark is at say 5 o'clock facing the pulley wheel which tells me it's way advanced way off, right?

But if I read the chapter in the manual it says to continue to rotate until the notch lines up therefore no longer at TDC, right? (cause rotor no longer points to Number 1)

Car will start when I ignore the mark and simply bring number 1 to TDC. However when running for a short while, and I'm not kidding, the exhaust downpipe wher it meets with the exhaust manifold, goes cherry red? WTF!!

Is this a fuel or ignition problem.

Getting there, but not yet

Oh as always its a TR4, Dino

It sounds like your super lean - that would cause the cherry red exhaust.

Set your timing mark on the crank at about 8-10 BTDC. Loosen your distributor a bit and pull spark plug #1. Insert it back into the plug wire then turn the key to "ON". With the plugs threads grounded on the block, turn the distributor till you get a spark. Tighten down the dizzy and of course turn off the key. You've just verified spark and timed the car. It should fire right up.

See if that helps. Check for a vacuum leak and of course your carbs could be all wacky!

good luck!
Tim Brand

Thanks for the reply Tim.

So 5 to 10 deg. left of the hole in the pulley or ignore this mark and repeat when piston one is at TDC?

Many Thanks.

ps. dont know why I'm showing up as a non member, I've registered?

I'm not familiar with the timing marks on TR4's. Just set the crank so the timing mark is coming up on TDC - oh I don't know - about 1/2" BTDC. Then fiddle with the dizzy to get the spark. That'll put you in the ballpark.

I wouldn't be surprised if your distributor is off a tooth.

good luck!
Tim Brand

This thread was discussed between 24/02/2005 and 25/02/2005

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