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Triumph TR6 - Timing my new 1973 TR6

I have a TR6 i just bought. I timed it accprding to the sticker under the hood, it seems to run ok but i've been told by a couple other guys they never set theirs at 4 degrees b4 top center. Also mine has electronic ignition. Just wondering what experienced guys do?

The factory specs give mostly 12 degrees BTDC static timing, for both UK and US distributors. The only reason for running 4 degrees would be if fuel octane was appallingly low. There is no hard and fast setting-it depends mainly on fuel octane, compression ratio, and mixture strength. I would expect USA engines with lower compression ratios ( assuming they have not been skimmed) to need rather more advance than UK spec motors- but the factory data suggest there is no difference. I'd try 12 degrees with 95 octane fuel, and see how the motor accelerates. If you advance things too much you will get " pinking" under load at around 3000 rpm.( but this depends on the distributor advance curve being standard too ).
Peter Cobbold

i forgot to mention i use a timing light. i have a couple books and both say take the vacumn line off the dist but don't say anything about plugging the line. anyway i plugged it and set the timing to 12 btdc. of course when i put the line back on the dist. and then check the timing its a few degrees after tdc again. so i wonder if its right or not. lol. i'll get it eventually. and thanks to "Peter" for his reply earlier i appreciate it!

Later USA model TR6s relied upon mechanical advance within the distributor, with the vacum unit supplying retard. The total advance is a function of the distributor used and is defined by the cam, counter weights and springs. See the Bentley TR6 factory manual reprints for distributor specs, and advance curve information. Sounds normal from here.

If you have a later model Tr6 - with the vacuum unit retarding the timing, can you just disconnect and plug the vacuum line? As I understand, the vacuum retard is just a part of the pollution equipment designed to meet emission standards.

Any thoughts?
Aivars Berzins

Just rebuilt my TR6 engine and converted the head to unleaded. Had the head skimmed as it is a US car. With this change does anyone have an idea as to where to set the timing to compensate for the UL fuel? Cheers
Dave Britt

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